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YouTube and Music: Pavorotti and James Brown

I really enjoy Pavorotti and James Brown’s singing. While not everyone will like the idea of singing together, I do, and if you do too, check this out:


The history of getting heroin, cocaine and opium from the corner store

The Addiction Research Unit from the University of Buffalo has a fascinating page on how

The prohibition of psychoactive substances has evolved gradually in the United States and in Europe. The opium-containing preparation laudanum had been widely available since the 18th century. Morphine, cocaine, and even heroin were seen as miracle cures when they were first discovered. During the mid to late 19th century, many manufacturers proudly proclaimed that their products contained cocaine or opium. A few, like Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for infants which contained morphine, were more guarded in divulging their principal ingredients. By the beginning of the 20th century, problems with habitual use of cocaine and opiates was becoming increasingly apparent. This led to the removal of these substances from some products (e.g., Coca Cola) and to the introduction of the Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) in the United States which required the listing of ingredients on product labels. Nonetheless, standard narcotic remedies like paregoric remained readily available into the early 20th century, and Benzedrine inhalers were marketed without prescription until the early 1950s. Codeine wasn’t removed from most over-the-counter cough suppressants until the early 1980s.

Before Prohibition: Images from the preprohibition era

Thanks to Jean-Francois for this one!

Stephen Hawking on the Simpsons…Squared.

Stephen Hawking – who appeared on the Simpsons – talks about being on the Simpsons.

First Star Trek, then the Simpsons: Hawking gets on all the best shows. 🙂

Go on. Fail. Alot. :)

Over at is a good article on how to fail and why it is important. Some of the points are:

  • Fail with grace
  • Have a plan B
  • Forgive and relive
  • Get perspective
  • Stop doing that!
  • Do something

Go see How to Fail at Practically Anything and start failing today!

How to clean your home in 19 minutes (roughly)

CNN has cribbed some material from Real Simple and the FlyLady to help you get your home cleaned in a flash. I don’t know if you can do it in 19 minutes, but it can be close. 🙂

How to clean your home in 19 minutes –

Also, if you have kids (or a sloppy spouse/roommate who won’t clean up), get some baskets and keep them nearby. Then go around the house, scoop up some stuff and put it in their room. Time = 1-2 minutes.

Hey, smart people don’t spend all day cleaning…they have better things to do! 🙂

Image: James Worrell at

The 100 Year Old Photo Blog proves……

…that there is no limit to what you can blog about. This blog has a fascinating collection of old photos, including this one, which is the Portico at the ruins of Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Karnak at Luxor, Egypt, circa 1858 taken from the original albumen print by Francis Frith.

Delud Luxury Blog: where the rich go for shopping ideas

If you are looking for the very best (or at least the most expensive), then you must visit Delud Luxury Blog. For example, the truffle you see in the photo is the Knipschildt’s “La Madeline au Truffe” with a price of $250 for a dark chocolate.

Me, I’ll be happy to eat the wonderful truffles at Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate here in Toronto. 🙂