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Iraq and Web 2.0

CNN reports that Twitter, WordPress and other Web 2.0 executives are in Iraq to help country use new media.
It’s part of a mission led by the U.S. State department. Like many places in the world, Iraq doesn’t have alot of homes with Internet access (around 5%) but practically everyone there has a cell phone. That might seem like a serious limit for new media, but it  is becoming less and less of a limitation, based on stories I have been reading concerning places with similar usages of technology.

For more on this story, see the article linked to above. I look forward to seeing more contributions from the people of Iraq, soon: perhaps I’ll get some Iraqi followers on twitter.

P.S. Not sure what Hillary Clinton is apparently “bogging”, though. I suspect she is “blogging”.

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday on April 23rd by…

…well, talking like an Elizabethan. Or what you might think that would sound like. Not sure? CNN has the details here:
Unleash thy inner bard on ‘Talk Like Shakespeare Day’

I think this is almost as good as talk like a pirate day. 🙂

Recession Shopping: 10 Things to Buy Right Now

If you have the money, TIME has a list of 10 things you should buy right now. Some of them are investments (e.g., stocks, houses) and some of them are simply good bargains (e.g., luxury items). As a rule of thumb, the more discretionary something is, the chances are that now is a good time to buy it. So, yes, now is the time to buy that Ferrari that you always wanted. And if that is out of your price range, well, there is always lobster.

The great Muji

Every summer I see people dressed like…well, slobs. There’s little excuse for it, especially if you are near a Muji store. For example, this women’s T-shirt is just over 20 bucks but looks like a million. Get one for jeans and one for a suit. For more details, see The Moment Blog

In case you regret not buying the Brooklyn Bridge….

…you will be delighted to see that the great State of Texas is for sale on eBay. In case you think it is a mistake or a different Texas, read this:

The great state of Texas is for sale. All proceeds will go towards paying off the national debt of the United States of America. Must sell before she secedes! You’ll receive the whole state including all sports teams. Historic sites include the Alamo, Lyndon Johnson’s boyhood home, Bishop’s Palace, and so many more. Think of the income opportunities. The state is also plentiful in both hunting and fishing sites. As an added benefit you can make all your friends real, Texas Rangers. How about that!

So get out your credit card and click here:

The Great State of Texas – eBay (item 170322454911 end time Apr-24-09 10:29:03 PDT)

Better hurry. China might beat you too it. 😉

Laurie Grassi, guest curator at Etsy

Etsy is great. And my friend, Laurie Grassi is great. Put them together, and what do you get? You get this great article:
Etsy :: The Storque :: Spotlight :: Guest Curator: Eco Chic with Style at Home’s Laurie Grassi

Laurie is featuring items both stylish and green. Check it out. And if you want more, check out her blog or the work she and the good folks do at style at home magazine.

The Magic of Goldman Sachs

You can see magic one of two ways: as mystery or trickery. Goldman Sachs recent profitability is certainly magical, but is it due to mysterious forces or is it a trick they have played? That’s what the New York Times is poking at in this Op-Ed Article:  Big Profits, Big Questions.

The poking around is fine and good, but like any good magician, Goldman Sachs will want to bow and move on before anyone has a chance to seriously ask: how did they do that? Having suffered enough from previous incantations from the financial industry, it is time to understand the magic behind this new found profitability of the banks. Now.