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On the new Apple watches, from SE to Ultra

So Apple released its latest round of products recently, including the new Apple Watches. My two cents? They seem to be going after a bigger market with the watch, for on one hand (wrist?) you have the new high end … Continue reading

A better dock for your Apple Watch

I love this! Not only can you charge your Apple Watch easily, but you can also use this device to easily see the time and your alarm. Brilliant. More on it, here: Nightwatch Magnifying Clock Dock.

Smartwatches: more than just the Apple Watch

  There was a flurry of smart watches coming on the market a few years ago. But that seemed to have died down. Now after reading this, Innovative smartwatch designs that are the perfect culmination of form, functionality and style! … Continue reading


Apple Watch 101

I continue to be a big fan of the Apple Watch. For one, it allows me to put away my phone and still not miss notifications. It’s the remote control for your phone you didn’t think you need. Still I … Continue reading

Don’t discount the Apple Watch, for two reasons

Reason #1: Apple is seeing growth in sales of the Watch, and plans to give it cellular capabilities will drive growth further. If cellular networks allow you to share your number across your phone and watch, it could really support … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich reviews the Apple Watch and it’s worthwhile

Mashable seems to have taken Newt on staff to do tech reviews and here he is the first piece of his I’ve come across: Newt Gingrich reviews the Apple Watch. I was surprised, but I found his review well suited for … Continue reading

Ten ad hoc thoughts on the Apple Watch from me

It already looks like the Watch is a big success. If anything, what has surprised me is that Apple doesn’t seem to have sufficient quantity in stock to meet the demand. I am not surprised by the success: I am … Continue reading

” The Apple Watch Is Going To Flop” articles are here, and …

…and I recommend you bookmark one or two to go back and read towards the end of the year to see how poorly they did and why they were wrong. This one, for example, You Guys Realize The Apple Watch Is Going … Continue reading

Eight quick thoughts on the Apple Watch: its more than watch, more than IT.

Here’s eight quick things I concluded while watching Apple talk about their latest product: the Apple Watch In the future, you won’t own one Apple Watch, you will own several. For the record I have two shuffles and a number … Continue reading

Smart Watches: not just Apple

Apple won’t be the only one driving people to use smart watches: Google and other manufacturers are getting in on the action too. For more details, see the Official Google Blog and this post:  Android Wear, moving forward like clockwork.

A digital watch that is also a classic

Apple Watches are cool. I love them. So do many others. But if want to have have a cool digital watch that is also a classic, you want this, I think: It comes in silver and gold. You can order … Continue reading

With the new announcements, Apple reinforces their affordable line of products

Apple took a turn towards something I was hoping they would do: (relative) affordability. You can see it in this piece from  Business Insider: Apple introduced an iPhone with a smaller screen on Monday called the iPhone SE. The best way to think about it is … Continue reading

Pebble and their smart watches are not going away yet

After the Apple Watch came out, I wondered how this would affect Pebble, the company. Turns out, instead of folding, they have plans to evolve and grow. For evidence of this, check out their latest watch (in the photo, as … Continue reading

What I remember about Steve Jobs and Apple from way back when 30 years or so

I have been following the doings of Steve Jobs and Apple since the early 80s, before the Macintosh, even. I can recall the ads for the Apple II computers, as well as the first Macintosh ads (I still have them, … Continue reading

2 or 3 things I though about while watching “500 Days of Summer”

Someone near and dear to me has wisely advised me to watch “The Hangover” and “500 Days of Summer (“500”). Eventually I watched the first (and loved it) and now the second (and also loved it). Though one is buddy … Continue reading

To lose weight is simple: eat 2000 calories daily and walk 10000 steps

It seems ridiculous to say that, but it really is simple (but not easy): eat 2000 calories daily and walk 10000 steps. To see what I mean, read these two articles: ‘The Good News About What’s Bad for You’ Junk … Continue reading

4 behaviors that may cut the risk of cancer by 30 percent

Everyone wants to lower their risk of cancer. This piece can help with this: 4 behaviors that may cut the risk of cancer by 30 percent – Vox. The main point of the piece was that: … people who never … Continue reading

My latest batch of technical links

Here are some things I’ve been interested in lately or that I found interesting. By the time you read this, some of them may even be dated, which is the nature of tech blogging! New Open-Source Tool Makes it Easy … Continue reading

Some good IT links on cloud, software development, github, python, IoT and more

As I go through my day, I often find IT links that are of interest to work I am doing. This is my latest set of links. As you can see, I am keen on cloud, software development, github, python, and IoT, … Continue reading

How to Download Apps on Your Old iPad and iPhone in 2022

If you happen to have an old iPad and you are thinking of using it, you will find this post of interest. Like you, I have a very old iPad. It still works fine. However, one of the problems with … Continue reading

Kubernetes and Clouds and much more (What I find interesting in tech, July 2022)

Since April, here are a ton of links I found useful while doing my work. Lots of good stuff on Kubernetes and Cloud (both IBM’s and AWS’s); some cool hardware links; some worthwhile software links. Plus other things! Check it … Continue reading

On the new Google Glass(es), 2022 edition

In 2013, Google gave the world Google Glass. While their high tech glasses seemed cool at first, eventually it was revealed to be terrible technology, and people sporting it became known as “glassholes”. Not good. Google did not give up, … Continue reading

On the Amazon Astro robot, or servants old and new

Amazon has a new robot coming out, and there’s been a number of reviews. Here’s a list of just a few of them: Amazon Astro, the home robot with wheels, is now in homes — and people are showing off … Continue reading

Tiny DOOM! And other things I find interesting in tech, February 2022

I’ve been doing work in a number of areas recently: IT architecture, Azure, Kubernetes and more. As I do that, I collect a number of links, which I have below. As well, I put together some Raspberrry Pi links, because … Continue reading

Friday night (festive) cocktails: the negroni*

You might exclaim: Bernie, a negroni is not a festive cocktail! True, by itself it’s a classic cocktail, good year round. But if you riff on it, like Food52 has done here, Winter Negroni Recipes for the Holidays, then it … Continue reading

IBM Cloud, Terraform and DB2 (or some of what I find interesting in tech, nov 2021)

Wow! I haven’t done one of these posts on things I have found interesting in tech since July! So of course there is a lot here! I need to do these more often. For this one it is mostly on … Continue reading

What I find interesting in general, Julyish, 2021

Often I find links that are interesting but I don’t know what to do with. Here are some for this month. I should have posted them in July but hey, it’s the thought that counts 🙂 Enjoy the restored Night … Continue reading

What I found interesting in tech, July 2021

Here’s 59 links (!) of things I have found interesting in tech in the last while. It ‘s heavily skewed towards Kubernetes because that’s mostly what I have been involved with. Some stuff on Helm, since I was working on … Continue reading


It’s a good time to check out the Criterion Channel

If you are tired of other streaming services, or if you want to improve the films you are watching, now is a good time to check out the high quality films on  The Criterion Channel. Right now they have a … Continue reading


Some brief thoughts on the 10th anniversary of the iPad

It’s odd how people perceive the iPad after a decade. From what I read, the view overall seems negative. Even smart analysts like Stratechery call it “tragic”. I can see why reviewers see that. They had an expectation of what … Continue reading

Thirty five links worth a look

Here’s a long list of things I had saved in Instapaper that I thought worthwhile, but never blogged about individually. While I hadn’t blogged about them, they are still worth a look: World population may actually start declining, not exploding.: … Continue reading

Economic inequality is rising, plain and simple.

As this piece at Vox shows , economic inequality really is rising, no matter how you fuss with the data. Possibly because of the skepticism from some, Vox explores this using differing analysis. The conclusion is always the same: economically, … Continue reading

Weekend music: Emma by Carly Rhiannon (@carlyrhiannon)

Luminous and ethereal. Carly’s EP, “The Cure for Growing Older” can be purchased at iTunes. She’s an independent artist, so put cancel that afternoon coffee run and get this instead. 🙂 Enjoy. More on Carly can be found at her … Continue reading

The future darkly: more on military drones and robots

One of the most important technologies of the 21st century will be robots. Right now they are primitive, but they are improving all the time. Oddly, no one is paying them much attention. (Maybe if Apple starts making them, this … Continue reading

The spectacular uselessness of Nathan Myhrvold

Nathan Myhrvold is our Charles Foster Kane and the projects that he takes on are his Marion Davies. Since leaving Microsoft, he has involved himself in activities that are as spectacular as they are useless. His latest work is this … Continue reading

On the joy of owning a tree

I have always loved birch trees. This tree of mine is a Himalayan Birch. I love the name, the exotic nature of it. But more than that, I love how it marks time for me. It marks the seasons. It … Continue reading

The best ad ever? Leave Nothing, by Michael Mann

I love TV ads. I used to be teased because I would mute TV shows and put the sound on for good ads. Unlike TV shows, ads have alot to do in just 30 seconds, and they have to do … Continue reading

Get Smart(er with Ted)

I’ve seen Jill Bolte Taylor’s talk and Sir Ken Robinson’s talk and they are both great. The other eight are likely to be as good. So go see, Top 10 TED Talks courtesy of Boing Boing P.S. I like watching … Continue reading

Why I love my iPod touch: wireless!

I am a big fan of iPods. I have four: the original Shuffle, the new Shuffle, a Nano, and the Touch. I love them all, but I especially love the new Touch. While it has alot of great features, what … Continue reading

Such Great Heights or The Genius of the Postal Service

I have been impressed by this song and the video that goes with it (there is a yearning in the woman’s eyes, and a symbolic Victorian suppressed sexuality to it, I think): YouTube – the postal service – such great … Continue reading