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Merry Christmas! From me and the Three Tenors!

Here are the Tenors performing White Christmas: Regardless of whether your Christmas is white or not, like them, I hope that your days are merry and bright.

Christmas gift ideas: a colourful wireless keyboard with removable emoji keys!

Sure, technically this is aimed at Gen-Z, but I want one too! What you say? Only this:  Logitech designed the perfect wireless keyboard for Gen-Z complete with removable emoji keys! Nice! Comes in lots of bold colours too! Perfect for … Continue reading

Amazing Christmas gift ideas: Lego Titanic

Truly for those who are epic Lego model builders, this Lego Titanic Building Set… … is made up of 9,090 pieces, including interactive details like turning piston engines, a working anchor, and adjustable tension lines. To fully appreciate the level of … Continue reading

Cool Christmas gifts: the Orba

For someone in your life that likes to make music, this could be just the gift for them. As the website explains: Orba is a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately. With Orba’s integrated … Continue reading

It’s coming up on Christmas. Here’s my pandemic highlights and ramblings for November, 2021(a newsletter, in blog form)

Happy holidays to you! It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of the 2021.  It’s also hard to believe at times that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, but we are. Let me reflect … Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Here’s everything you need to know about making a turkey but were afraid to ask (or do)

Merry Christmas! I hope the day is a peaceful and joyous one for you and yours. As part of the celebration, you may be making a turkey. Good for you. But making a turkey can be daunting and fearful. You … Continue reading

If you are spending Christmas alone this year….

If you are spending Christmas alone this year and  you find the thought of it difficult (and why not?) then you might find this helpful: The Best Ways to Spend the Holidays Alone, From Someone Who Does It Every Year. … Continue reading

It’s Christmas. Expectations can be high. This can help.

It’s Christmastime: expectations can be high, and sometimes unachievable.  This is especially true during this pandemic. If you are struggling to feel good during this time, here are two articles that can help: Learn How to Appreciate What You Already … Continue reading

It’s pandemic Christmas. Here’s details of a new phishing attack coming to your inbox

Hey, if you are like me, you are ordering your presents online. When you do that, you get a lot of emails back updating you on the status of your order. Since it is Christmas, you are anxious about your … Continue reading


My favourite Friday Night Christmas Music links….

…are here! Friday Night (Christmas) Music: Silent Night with Kathleen Battle, Wynton Marsalis | Smart People I Know Friday Night Music: O Come, Emmanuel – (Piano/Cello) – ThePianoGuys | Smart People I Know Merry Christmas! | Smart People I Know … Continue reading


If you feel overwhelmed at Christmas but still want to decorate – minimalist decorating

Then consider this idea from Apartment Therapy: Fresh Christmas Garland Home Decor Idea. Basically just get some garland (and a tree) and keep it simple. If you have a bit more energy, candles are a good idea. Or small LED … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

For those celebrating, a very merry christmas. For those looking to relax after a busy day, here are many Christmas links I’ve gathered over the years for you to read if you are still in the Christmas spirit.  

Silent Night is supposed to be performed on Christmas Eve, and other interesting things about the 200 year old carol

As Silent Night turns 200 this year, the CBC has come up with a great piece on the history of this famous carol, which you can read here:

On “River”, the sad Joni Mitchell song that became a Christmas classic

A fine and detailed study on Mitchell’s great song from her masterpiece album, “Blue”: My impression reading it was that there were no sad or melancholy Christmas songs before it, but “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “Blue Christmas” … Continue reading

Last minute Christmas decorating ideas

This title is a bit harsh, Last-Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas For the Truly Lazy | Apartment Therapy, because if you are like me and you still needing to decorate, it’s likely you aren’t so much lazy as you are too busy. … Continue reading

Natural Christmastime Decorating Ideas

The folks at Apartment Therapy have put together a nice compilation of Christmastime decorating ideas that are simple as it is beautiful. For example, this: from here. And this from here. What all the images have in common is the … Continue reading

Some loose thoughts on the magic of Christmas

When you are very young, Christmas is a magical time. We all know that. But it is magical when you have children, too, for .then you are the magician. I realized that the hard age for Christmas is in your … Continue reading

My Lessons Learned from Christmas’ past (including where to buy trees in Toronto)

Christmas for me is many things, including an annual exercise in planning. I keep a Word document that I update every year. It contains the typical list of things to do, by when. It tracks cards sent and received, presents … Continue reading

You got a new iPhone for Christmas. What you want to do next is….

What you want to do next is head over to and read this: The 100 best iPhone apps of all time. Apps make your iPhone much better. While you likely have heard of a certain percentage of them, but … Continue reading

How to turn old paper into new Christmas garland

For those wanting to make their own Christmas decorations, the blog Olive Loaf Design shows you how to turn old sheet music into something very festive. If you don’t have old sheet music, you can try your hand at other … Continue reading

Merry Christmas! It’s a Wonderful Life

Yes it is, despite everything. And speaking of  It’s a Wonderful Life, it looks like the entire thing is posted on YouTube: Merry Christmas and god bless. It’s a Wonderful Life – YouTube

Christmas is coming. You’ll need wine and gifts. So go see Natalie MacLean’s web site

Why? Two reasons at least. One, she has lots of great books on wine you can pick up as gifts, including ‘Unquenchable’ and ‘Red, White and Drunk All Over’. Her latest just came out in paperback. Two, she can help … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!


A very important Christmas consideration: white lights or colored lights? The NYtimes has the scoop

  It may seem silly, but it is a debate I have been in a number of times myself, and based on this article, I am not alone: Colored vs. White Is a Christmas Light Debate – Personally I … Continue reading

Saturday Night (Christmas) music: Gabriel’s Message

This is a beautiful rendition, and a strikingly beautiful video to go with it. (Remember, this was made in the 80s, making this relatively subdued for the time.) Sting – Gabriel’s Message – YouTube

Friday Night (Christmas) Music: Silent Night with Kathleen Battle, Wynton Marsalis

And not just Battle and Marsalis. The whole ensemble is Battle, Marsalis, Leonard Slatkin, The Boys Choir of Harlem and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. See/hear: Greatness. Silent Night – Kathleen Battle, Wynton Marsalis – YouTube

A geeky Christmas tree!

Made from a few basic electronic parts: An abstract christmas tree made out of LEDs on Flickr. And here’s the schematic: From the Flickr photostream of Omer Kilic

Not your typical Christmas movie trailer

is this: Home Alone With Zombies Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the tip, but I think I will stick with The Nightmare Before Christmas

A Happy Christmas to you all, especially those in London

For London defied the ban on Christmas during the time of Cromwell (according to this and The National Archives (UK)), for in this note, from  Oliver Cromwell from the State Papers refers to a report that people in the City … Continue reading

Best 12 Days of Christmas ever.

You thought singing “12 Days of Christmas” was difficult? Watch these guys sing “it”. YouTube – Straight No Chaser – 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Carols Deluxe! The Three Tenors sing “Sleigh Ride”

Anything the Three Tenors sing is rich and worth listening to, including the Christmas classic, Sleigh Ride. BTW, Pavarotti muffs a line around the 36 second mark. He sings “Hoo Hoo” instead of “Yoo Hoo”. Carreras notices this: watch his … Continue reading

A early Christmas present to people: Letter to Jane Magazine

Folks, as you relax and unwind over the holidays, I strongly encourage you to check out the first edition of LETTER TO JANE Magazine. Honestly, it’s great. Go take a look: it’s a visual feast. And hats off to Tim … Continue reading

Goats: a great Christmas gift idea

Yes, that’s right, these things: If you have a friend or loved one who doesn’t really need anything for Christmas, why not buy a goat for them? Now, if you go here, you will see that if you Donate a … Continue reading

Art Interiors / Emily Bickell update (or, if you are STILL Christmas shopping… :))

The art interiors festival of smalls is still going on, and they still have lots of great art work by Canadian artists selling at a very low cost (I would say “cheap”, but there is nothing inferior about these paintings). … Continue reading

More awesome Christmas…stuff! Dancing Robots!

Dancing Robots?! How is that Christmas-y?! Well, check this out and see! I’m very impressed how well this is done. I think someone should get these little guys on SYTYCD! YouTube – Synchronized Robot Christmas Dance

Canadian Post – 2009 Christmas Mailing Dates are here

Canada Post – Holiday Seasons Mailing Dates are here. Avoid the rush (and additional expense) and check it out.

Christmas for Minimalists

I am something of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so I don’t really get this: I hope this Nativity set didn’t cost alot! (Call me Scrooge! :))  That aside, the Christmas season and the Holidays generally are coming. … Continue reading

Give art for Christmas – get it at Art Interiors’s 16th Annual Festival of Smalls

If you want a great inexpensive gift idea for someone this Christmas and you are in the Toronto area, I suggest you check out the 16th Annual Festival of Smalls. Art Interiors is a wonderful gallery in Toronto that annually … Continue reading

Canada Post and the Christmas Holidays Deadlines

The good folks at Canada Post have put together alot of good material to make sure you get your cards and parcels to their destination on time (even if that destination is Santa Claus / North Pole / H0H 0H0 … Continue reading

How to Christmas shop this year, or, more on art interiors’s great “Festival of Smalls”

Ok. Christmas is coming. You need gift ideas. Start here. For as little as $25 (!!), you can get someone a fantastic gift and support Canadian artists (and a fine Canadian art gallery). For example, there is a  work, by … Continue reading