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On Karl Lagerfeld now (thinking about difficult people)

I’ve written about Karl Lagerfeld often on this blog. In the past I found much to admire about him: his drive, his levels of energy, his capability to go in different directions, his ability to change mentally and physically. He … Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld and his Atelier in Paris (a must for book lovers)

The Selby has a gorgeous photo shoot of the atelier of Karl Lagerfeld. Anyone who dreams of having a library in their home will love it. The photo above is just a taste: for a feast, see: Karl Lagerfeld at … Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld’s Schedule in 24 Hours

I know a lot of people take issue with Lagerfeld, but I admire many of his ways. He has remarkable energy, creativity and longevity. Case in point, here’s Karl Lagerfeld’s Schedule in 24 Hours from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Very interesting. Emulate the … Continue reading

The indefatigable Karl Lagerfeld reinvents fashion again, this time with Macy’s

And the The Globe and Mail has an Q&A with him and it’s really good. If you don’t know much about Lagerfeld, you might have this impression: Some might expect Karl Lagerfeld, creative director for Chanel and Fendi, to be … Continue reading

Why I like Karl Lagerfeld

Simple: he could retire/rest on his laurels. Instead, he is incessant in looking for new venues for his ideas. Here’s his latest: designing for Coca-Cola, no less.

Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld talk shop

Time has a fascinating interview with Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld talking mostly about …Ford and his clothes. Lagerfeld is very generous with his praise of Ford. Ford also praises Lagerfeld, but really, he doesn’t need it: Karl is in … Continue reading

Francis Bacon, Karl Lagerfeld, and the importance of living space

Francis Bacon is one of my favourite painters. One thing I have always been interested in is his studio. There’s a good article at the Guardian about how Francis Bacon’s studio reveals about his art ( For example, “Chris Stephens, … Continue reading

Homer Lagerfeld! C’est d’oh!

I don’t read Harper’s Bazaar, but thankfully others do and blog about it. So I get to see the Simpsons in all their haute couture glory. I particularily like this one of Homer and Karl. (I also like the Gautier). … Continue reading

Where Karl Lagerfeld Lives

When I first saw this article in the New Yorker, I thought it was going to be about his apartment in Paris! And in a way, it was. But the subtitle, “In the Now”, describes where Lagerfeld really lives. I … Continue reading

Fashion news, for rich and poor, serious and otherwise

Fashion is for the rich, and those who aspire to look the part. For the rich, the challenge is coming up with ways of using fashion to designate that you are in fact rich. The new way to do this … Continue reading

Why I used to think that stellar designers teaming with H&M was a great idea (and why I no longer do)

I used to think that the way H&M teamed up with great fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney (and this year, the House of Lanvin) was a great idea. I agreed with Sofia Coppola who recently said (H&M … Continue reading

The myth of style and money

If you have alot of money, you can get clothing that is constructed impeccably of the finest materials. But there’s more to having style than that. Indeed, as this Joe Fresh show at Toronto Fashion Week illustrates, you can look … Continue reading

The paradox of high-end fashion…

…is that what the designers themselves wear is (more or less) like what everyone else in the world wears. As this article — Fashion Duds | What Designers Wear – The Moment Blog –  — points out, there are … Continue reading

Comme des Garcons for H&M Collection

Value fashionistas: rejoice! COMME des GARCONS has come to H&M. Rei Kawakubo’s innovative work has never been so affordable. So get to your local H&M and snap it up before it is too late. H&M is to be commended for … Continue reading

The amazing costumes worn by Renee Fleming at the Metropolitan Opera

I wrote about the Metropolitan Opera’s opening night gala recently. One thing to note about it is the costumes, specifically those worn by Renee Fleming. No ordinary frocks were these. For the event she had costumes designed by no less … Continue reading

Valentino is done

To people outside the world of fashion, this could be a big, “eh…whatever”. But after 45 years as a leading designer, it’s a big thing that Valentino does his last haute couture fashion show (in Paris, of course). This piece … Continue reading