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If you want to run a marathon but struggle with running

It’s Fall, and Fall means marathon season. Many of the big marathons, like the one in NYC, happen at this time. If the idea of running one next fall is appealing to you and you want some advice on how … Continue reading

It’s Monday. Here’s some advice on how to work hard EFFECTIVELY. (Think Marathon training)

It’s Monday. You have a work week ahead of you. Here’s a good essay by Paul Graham on: How to Work Hard – Paul Graham I often disagree with Graham on Twitter and you may too. However don’t be put … Continue reading


A marathon for food lovers: Marathon du Médoc

Not your average marathon, this. For example: Marathons and footraces are a world of granola bars, blister care, and sugary packages of energy-giving goo. This classic French race through wine country has all that, as well as a party atmosphere … Continue reading

Looking to run a marathon or half-marathon? Then you need my race schedule spreadsheets to plan out your training runs

If you are planning to run a marathon or half-marathon this year, then one of the first questions you will ask yourself is: do I have enough time to train for it? Two things that can help you answer this question … Continue reading

Is it possible to run a sub two hour marathon?

Nike seems to think so, based on this: Nike Wants Athletes to Run a Marathon in Under Two Hours, So It’s Rebuilding the Race. And the Runners | WIRED While it’s a bad idea to say it can’t happen, Runner’s World … Continue reading

In praise of the 5K and other (non-marathon) races

The marathon is great race, and if you are aiming to run your first in the new year, it is a great thing to accomplish. That said, you can also get a great sense of accomplishment out of running races … Continue reading

On Paul Ryan and the sub 3 hour marathon

Originally Paul Ryan was on record as saying he’s run a sub-3:00 marathon. There was investigation done and Ryan backtracked and said, no, it wasn’t sub 3, rather it was more like a 4 hour marathon. (How Fast Can Paul … Continue reading

The 2011 New York City Marathon is this weekend

The ING New York City Marathon is this weekend! I ran it years ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done. The organization was superb, and the New Yorkers that came out to cheer were … Continue reading

If you are going to run a morning marathon, train in the morning

I was really surprised by this article in the because it is saying that even with the same workout done the same way, your heartrate could be higher in the evening than the morning. The article goes on to … Continue reading

How to train and improve your speed for (half) marathons and races generally – the Rule of 3s

I have run in five marathons and around twice as many half-marathons. My preferred race now is the half-marathon. To train for it, I go with the rule of 3s. (Actually it is more of a guideline than a rule.) … Continue reading

Time to Train for Your First Marathon?

If you have been running for awhile — and even if you haven’t — you may be considering running your first marathon. If you are, first off, congratulations on making such a decision (when you do make it). Having made … Continue reading

Need motivation for your new year’s resolutions? Why not register for a marathon in Toronto?

Sure, it is in October, but 10 months may be just what you need. And even if you don’t, check out the web site for The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon. I’ve run the race a few times. It’s well organized … Continue reading

How to do the New York City Marathon in 3.5 minutes?

Easy! Go to this great section of the where you can see a time-lapsed video of the entire course traversed in just over 3 1/2 minutes. I ran it 10 years ago, but I still recognize the course after … Continue reading

If you want to enter Boston, New York or other big city marathons, you need to plan ahead

Why? Because they are big and getting bigger. As this article shows, Marathons Grow in Popularity, but City Streets Have Limitations ( So big cities are setting limits and rejecting alot of people. Should you bother? Most definitely. The NYC … Continue reading

Do a good deed: cheer at a marathon

If you want to make a lot of people feel better, here’s a very easy way to do it. All you need is a nearby marathon. Go down to where the race is. Get yourself a coffee or tea. Then … Continue reading

The pace of women marathoners and other world records

Over at the is a feast for folks like me who like to look at sports statistics. It’s a History of World Records – Interactive Graphic. For many sports, it appears that the improvements have made a gradual progression … Continue reading

How to use the motivation equation to get more motivated

On Saturday I wrote about how the motivation equation explains why you are or aren’t motivated. I want to write now on how you can use the same equation to get more motivated. Here’s the equation again. Recall we replaced … Continue reading

How I made my bucket list by making a reverse bucket list

Have you been thinking of making a bucket list? A few years ago I was thinking the same thing. Do you get stuck when you try to do it? Me too.  I started creating one back then but it seemed … Continue reading

Looking to get fit in the pandemic? Here are 37 great links to help you with that

I’ve been struggling to get back in some form of better shape during the pandemic. During that time, I have been researching diets, fitness routines, meditation routines, health links, wellness articles…you name it. Here are some of the good links … Continue reading

January pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form, a month late)

Hey! How has your new year been? Mine has not started great: January was both tough and busy. I kept trying to get to this, but somehow never had the energy or the focus to write it. Now I have … Continue reading

To set goals, you need to look at your life. Here’s what I mean. (Or how to deal with Wanting to Have a Social Life, with Friends)

I’m not going to say that your goal setting is wrong. But it’s likely you are setting goals without looking at how you spend your time.  So let’s start there. Write down what you are doing or think you are … Continue reading

It’s Monday. You have something risky you have been dreading to tackle. Here’s how to tackle it

You have something we want to do but don’t because you feel there is a big risk involved. You think: what if I fail? If you fail you fear you will a) be covered in shame b) lose out big … Continue reading

Programming is on a spectrum, or how programming is like running

Programming is on a spectrum.  I have felt for some time. That said, I liked this article by Paul Ford, one of the best writers on IT that I know: ‘Real’ Programming Is an Elitist Myth | WIRED.  His and … Continue reading


The best advice I’ve received on setting long term goals

The best advice I’ve ever gotten on setting long term goals is one I heard at a client I was working with. His team was making five year goals. It’s a difficult thing to do. It’s easy to make a … Continue reading


Three different stories about modern Japan

I loved these stories. I don’t believe they tell me anything in particular about modern Japan, but I found them all fascinating: This is amazing:  The Emperor of Japan, Akihito, Is Still Publishing Scientific Papers in His 80s | Open Culture … Continue reading


Joan Benoit Samuelson at age 60 and what that means

This piece is a must read for anyone trying to maintain their fitness later in life. It’s not easy, even for legends like JBS. Take solace in seeing how even the greats adjust as they get older, and read this:  How … Continue reading

The legendary runner Ed Whitlock Dies at 86 

The legendary Canadian runner Ed Whitlock has died. (Source: Masters Marathon Legend Ed Whitlock Dies at 86 | Runner’s World). There are so many things to say about Ed, but the article in Runner’s World gives you a sense of … Continue reading

Are you in terrible shape? Not so terrible but bad enough shape? Do you need help? Here you go

Like most people — for instance, me — , you may need to get in better shape. In doing some research on it, I came across the following links that I found interesting, inspiring, and useful. I hope you do too: … Continue reading

Thinking of getting fit this summer? You need my fitness link pack

Are you thinking of getting fit this summer? Or do you like to read about people getting fit while you drink your favorite cocktail and sit under the shade? Either way, here’s a bunch of interesting links you’ll want to … Continue reading

How to be a better runner? Speed workouts. (Even for new runners!)

Yes, even new runners training for something less than a marathon can benefit from some speed training. This article, Adding Speed Workouts to Marathon Training –, is focused on marathon training, but I think anyone running should give it … Continue reading

Women and equality in long distance running

  It’s hard to believe, but 45 Years Ago, An Enraged Boston Marathon Race Director Attacked A Female Runner because women were not allowed to run the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t until a few years later did events allow and … Continue reading

Mastery versus achievement

Ben Casnocha has been talking on his blog about mastery, with his latest post (linked here) being The 30 Steps to Mastery. With regards to mastery, I like to think of achievement versus mastery. We all set goals and then … Continue reading

On polar and spectral thinking with regards to skills

When it comes to skills that people have, are you a spectral or a polar thinker? If you agree or lean towards agreement on comments like: “so-and-so is not a writer”, “he’s not a real programmer/painter/carpenter/singer/mechanic”, “unless you are in … Continue reading

Some creative ways to use Microsoft Project for Brainstorming

It seems odd to use Project for brainstorming, I admit. But there are advantages to it, as well. The one obvious one is this: when you are done, you (potentially) have a plan of what to do in front of … Continue reading

On boycotting races that ban the use of iPods

Well, this is a mess. It looks like the winner of a marathon was disqualified for iPod use (according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – JSOnline. It doesn’t help matters that the USATF had a draconian rule in before … Continue reading

You can do 100 pushups

For people who like a fitness challenge, there is always the marathon. However, if for whatever reason that doesn’t appeal to you, the folks at the site one hundred push ups have a strength challenge for you (I think you … Continue reading

Running Times Pace Charts

If you go from “just finishing” a race distance to “how fast do I have to run” to beat a time of X, then you want to check out the Running Times Magazine’s Running Times Pace Charts. They have charts … Continue reading

Heart rates and heart rate monitors

The has a great article on exercise, heart rates, and heart rate monitors here: The Flutter Over Heart Rate – New York Times I am glad I read it. I have always been embarrassed about my heart rate when … Continue reading