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A worthwhile goal for the new year is a different form of extremism

It’s hard to do anything extreme these days in the middle of a pandemic. Even if you want to do extreme events, you might not be able to find any that aren’t cancelled. So consider extreme moderation. A life that … Continue reading

Welcome to the New Year. This advice could come in handy.

It’s a new year. A new year after a very difficult one.  It’s a good year to work on being optimistic. If you want to put in that work, start by reading this: How to Be More Optimistic – The … Continue reading

On what Bill Gates was thinking about last New Year’s Eve

If you thought that Bill Gates was thinking about pandemics last year, you are incorrect (although he has put a lot of thought into them). No, what he was thinking about when he wrote this,What I’m thinking about this New … Continue reading


Cook90: a goal for the new year

Can you cook 90 meals in a month? For many it sounds daunting. I like to cook and even I am not sure that I could do it. If you like a challenge and the idea of it, there is … Continue reading

A good new year’s resolution: unsubscribing to mailing lists

Unsubscribing to mailing lists you no longer read or want is a good resolution to make and keep. Here’s why it’s a good idea: It doesn’t take long. It’s not something you have to do every day. It let’s you … Continue reading

Some links to support your new year’s resolutions

If you’ve decided to become more fit, work better, or be better generally, then consider these resources to support you as advance towards achieving your goals: Want to lose weight but hate diets? It’s arguable that you can lose weight … Continue reading

If you’re having a rough start to the new year, here’s how to fit your work into 16.7 hours

It does sound too good to be true, and no, I haven’t tried it, but if you want to change your work routine, consider the pomodoro technique. If you are still interested, there is an article on it: The Simple Technique … Continue reading

One way to keep your fitness New Year resolutions? Use the Pact app. Here’s how it works

If you have made a commitment to getting fit in 2015, that’s good. If you think you can manage it, that’s better. But if you think you might have troubles with it, then consider the Pact app. It works like … Continue reading

The best, easiest, and most effective New Year’s resolution to make (perfect for procrastinators, too) is

The best, easiest, and most effective New Year’s resolution to make (perfect for procrastinators, too) is this: I resolve to make a new resolution every week (or month, or quarter or season, or….you get the idea). It sounds like a … Continue reading

If you are reevaluating your career as a New Year’s Resolution….

…then you should read this: The Top Five Career Regrets – Daniel Gulati – Harvard Business Review. What’s the number one regret? I wish I hadn’t taken the job for the money.It’s a good article and one anyone looking at … Continue reading

My new year’s resolution in 2012 is to suck at things (and also excel)

This is an odd resolution in a number of ways. First of all, you might say, isn’t the point of resolutions to be better at life, not suck at it? And how can you suck and excel at the same … Continue reading

A great New Year’s Resolution: get cooking better meals

Anyone who doesn’t cook or feels their cooking is poor owes it to themselves to read this article: Sustainable Food – Three Recipes by Mark Bittman – It’s more a manifesto than an article, but it is very practical … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: change your room

This will be old hat to the pros who do this for a living, but for the rest of us,this post: Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers | Apartment Therapy Chicago, really shows how changing a few … Continue reading

A good new year’s resolution: buy arts and crafts as gifts

If you are looking for resolutions beyond the usual one, why not try that one. You can get lots of gifts for $20 at 20×200, including this great print called Vogue May 2010:pg 70 (List of Contributors), by Lauren DiCioccio. It … Continue reading

Start off the New Year by cleaning up your hard disk

I was running disasterously low of disk space. In search of a good / free tool to help me out. I found this: CCleaner. It did a great job, freeing up almost 2 GB of disk space. Whew! If you … Continue reading

your.flowingdata + twitter = a good way to help you track your New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions: now it’s time to track them. Well, if you are looking for a good way to track your new year’s resolutions and you already use twitter, I recommend you check out: your.flowingdata / Quick … Continue reading

On quitting smoking and other New Year’s Eve resolutions

The has a great piece on a writer who had struggled like many people to give up smoking. Anyone who has this resolution in mind for January 1 should read this: Hurry Up, It’s Time. Let me expand that … Continue reading

Need motivation for your new year’s resolutions? Why not register for a marathon in Toronto?

Sure, it is in October, but 10 months may be just what you need. And even if you don’t, check out the web site for The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon. I’ve run the race a few times. It’s well organized … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: to eat and cook better

If you want to eat better this year, and by better I mean not only in terms of quality, but in terms of simplifying your cooking and doing more with less, than you owe it to yourself to read this … Continue reading

A new year’s resolution…for your Mac

Come January 1, alot of people will resolve to lose their excess weight and get fit. And what is good for people is also good for …Macs! In this article, Ten ways to turn your Mac into a lean, mean, … Continue reading

What to eat in Toronto in 2008! Or a great new year resolution

I think I have the perfect new year resolution for people in Toronto: eat all of this food before 2009! Forget that dieting stuff, this is the year to Eat, Drink and be Daring (as the good folks as Toronto … Continue reading

Another pandemic year is done. Here’s my highlights and ramblings for December 2021 (a newsletter, in blog form)

Happy New Year’s Eve to you! Raise a glass of cheer for another year of pandemic nonsense down the drain. Last month I said: it’s hard to believe we are in the pandemic, like it was about to be finished … Continue reading

The Year in Pictures, 2009 edition, at The New York Times … filled with great photographs. Even at full screen mode, the clarity and the brightness and of course the composition is wonderful. See it here.

How I track my goals and my year using spreadsheets: my 2021 review. (Maybe you can steal this approach)

I’ve used a number of ways to track my goals and my year, and I have found spreadsheets the best way to do it. Below are snapshots of the two worksheets I used in my spreadsheet. The first image is … Continue reading

It’s coming up on Christmas. Here’s my pandemic highlights and ramblings for November, 2021(a newsletter, in blog form)

Happy holidays to you! It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of the 2021.  It’s also hard to believe at times that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, but we are. Let me reflect … Continue reading

It’s Hallowe’en. Here’s my pandemic highlights and ramblings for October, 2021(a newsletter, in blog form)

Happy Hallowe’en to you. For those celebrating, I hope the weather is good and the night is sufficiently scary and enjoyable. Here’s my monthly newsletter and ramblings as the year passes the three quarter mark. Grab some candy and dig … Continue reading

September, 2021 pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Happy Autumn to you. It’s the end of September, one of my favorite months. It’s been a good month for me, despite the pandemic. I’ve travelled to Nova Scotia and Montreal. In many ways, travel felt “normal”, save the masks … Continue reading

August, 2021 pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying safe and well. Summer is the best time of the pandemic — it’s sad I can say that, but this is our second pandemic summer —  so enjoy it as best … Continue reading

Three quick thoughts on the new minimalism vs maximalism debate

It looks like minimalism has had it’s time and now it’s time for maximalism to take over. At least that’s the sense I get, reading this:More Is More: The End of Minimalism | The Walrus My thoughts are this: Home … Continue reading

July, 2021 pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Happy midsummer to you. We are halfway through the summer of 2021 which also means it’s time for my latest blog newsletter. Pandemic: For some time now, as vaccination was on the rise, the underlying story of the pandemic was … Continue reading

Piquette: your new summer quaffable drink

I remember when rose used to be a hard sell in Ontario. It took years before people started drinking it in the summer. Now people adopt new approaches to wine as fast as they can. In the last few years … Continue reading

May, 2021 pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

It’s May, and it’s lovely in Ontario in terms of weather. Alas, the pandemic is still going on, as is my not-a-newsletter of highlights and ramblings for this month. Hope you like it. Pandemic: Here in Canada we are rushing to … Continue reading

March 2021 pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Yikes! It’s April 1st so I am a day late (and a dollar short?) on sending out my latest not-a-newsletter of highlights and ramblings since the one a month ago.Here’s a few things I’ve found noteworthy in March to share … Continue reading

February pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read my latest  not-a-newsletter of highlights and ramblings since the one in January. (Well, it was off January, but it was out in February because of a slow start). Pandemic: It’s been … Continue reading

January pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form, a month late)

Hey! How has your new year been? Mine has not started great: January was both tough and busy. I kept trying to get to this, but somehow never had the energy or the focus to write it. Now I have … Continue reading

On the new Raspberry Pi products: the 400 and the Pico

Years ago I worried if  the future for Raspberry Pi would dim. I am happy to say I worried for nothing. The good folks at Raspberry Pi continue to stride boldly into the future with new and better products. Case … Continue reading

December pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Well well well, it’s the last month of 2020, and my last not-really-a-newsletter newsletter! I appreciate you taking a moment to read my latest not-a-newsletter of highlights and ramblings since the one in November. I’m not sure if I will … Continue reading

Is this new Wealthsimple app Canada’s answer to Venmo?

Americans might find it unbelievable, but here in Canada we don’t have Venmo. We have other means of transferring cash digitally, but none of them are great, in my humble opinion. I’ve longed for something better. Perhaps others have too … Continue reading

On the new products from Apple

The new Apple AirPods came out, and some critics flailed them for being too expensive. A fair criticism. Some new products are terribly expensive but allow Apple to enter a market and gain share and work out aspects of the … Continue reading

November pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Hi there! It’s time for my monthly newsletter-but-not of highlights and ramblings. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading this. It’s been an intense period of time since October. Starting with the pandemic… Pandemic – bad: we have terrible … Continue reading