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The best pinot grigio is pinot gris

I have been a long time non-lover of pinot grigio. (See here). I’ve tried a lot, even Alto Adiges, and I am still not keen. I’d rather drink something made from another grape. That said, I was somewhat reconsidering my … Continue reading

Stop drinking pinot grigio! Drink this instead

I love this: Why You Love Pinot Grigio So Much — And Why You Need To Move On because I am very much against Pinot Grigio. There is so much good wine in the world, and if you are a pinot … Continue reading

Great white wines under $10: Fuzion Alta Torrontés/Pinot Grigio, Argentina

The site Wine of the Weekend has a great description of a delicious wine that is also great value (which is not surprising given it is part of the Fuzion line of wines). It is a superb summer wine, great … Continue reading

How would you know? Or Pinot Grigio is recalled in Ontario

Why is the LCBO recalling D’Aquino Pinot Grigio white wine from Italy? According to Yahoo! Canada News, it’s because the bottles are filled with….water. I wonder if some people who drank it thought: even for pinot grigio, this is bland?! … Continue reading

What’s wrong with wine by the glass, and pinot grigio

Beppi Crosariol has a good article in the Globe and Mail arguing against ordering wine by the glass. I know what he means: once, I ordered a glass of red from a good restaurant and it was warm because the … Continue reading

Piquette: your new summer quaffable drink

I remember when rose used to be a hard sell in Ontario. It took years before people started drinking it in the summer. Now people adopt new approaches to wine as fast as they can. In the last few years … Continue reading

Good cheap French wine in Ontario

Is a wine like this one. It consists of colombard, ugni blanc and gros manseng. I see the first two in a lot of French white. It has 11% alcohol, which is another thing I like about French and other … Continue reading

The history of California Chardonnay and why you drink what you drink

Slate magazine uses the topic of a new film, Bottle Shock, to go over the history of California chardonnay. It is ironic that after beating the French at their own game, California chardonnay evolved away from that taste and towards … Continue reading