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On Philippe Starck, now and then

Philippe Starck has been tied to my life since I was a young man in the 80s, staying at his hotels and buying what i could afford of his. Chances are you have sat in some of his chairs or … Continue reading

The history of a great collaboration: Philippe Starck, Ian Schrager and the rise of the NYC designer hotel

It seems commonplace now, but the idea of hotels having the same cachet as a nightclub seem to me to come about in the 1980s with the rise of Ian Schrager as a hotelier. While he collaborated with others, the … Continue reading

How to Set the time on a Phillipe Starck Watch

I just bought this Phillipe Starck watch. I’ve been a big fan of his for years, and this is my second watch I’ve owned that was designed by him. While I love the look, I hate setting the thing. The … Continue reading

Philippe Starck has lost his mind…

I am a big fan of Philippe Starck’s design, be it an entire hotel, a cafe, a watch, or even a fly swatter! He is innovative and stylish. At least I thought he was until I saw these. Apparently he … Continue reading

Philipe Starck on the purpose of design

Designers should define their role broadly as agents of good in the world, and limit their work to ‘legitimate’ products: those that are needed, and those that can be made without damage to nature or — through the unethical actions … Continue reading

Philippe Starck and Web site usability

I have always been a fan of the design of  PHILIPPE STARCK. I’ve been to alot of his hotels and cafes (such as Cafe Costes above) and I have a number of his consumer designs (including a fly swatter!)  I … Continue reading

This is my 3000th post on this blog. Some thoughts.

Hard to believe, but this is my 3000th post on this blog, smartPeopleIKnow. I’ve been writing to this blog since April 2007 – over 8 years! – and have over 860,000 views.  It’s along way from the 10-12 views a day I used … Continue reading

Why yes, I have created another blog and twitter account! Here’s why I set up the Ghost Chair blog

Anyone that sends out professional emails can blog about their profession. This is something I tell others all the time. Still, while I blog and tweet alot, not alot of it relates to my profession. I thought I should change … Continue reading

Save or Splurge – or do both – when you travel has some great approaches to travel writing. I’ve mentioned the “36 hours” in a city article before: those are great for the quick visit to a place. They also have save-or-splurge guides that give you the high and the … Continue reading