Malcolm X on CBC TV

Most Canadians have heard of Front Page Challenge. As a child I often watched it on CBC. (Heck, it was often the only thing TO watch.)

I didn’t realize that Malcolm X appeared on the show, just after he had left the Nation of Islam and had gone to Mecca, and just weeks before he was assassinated.

Fascinating. And though 45 years old, still timely, in many ways.

2 responses to “Malcolm X on CBC TV

  1. Very interesting clip, thanks. He was a handsome chap, wasn’t he? Came across very well.

  2. BTW, here is the first part of the show.

    It may not make sense if you haven’t seen Front Page Challenge, but the show was partially a game show and partially a talk show. The journalists on the panel had to play a game similar to 20 questions in order to guess who the person was that was behind them. The guests behind the panelists were people in the news. Hence: Front Page Challenge. Either the panelists guessed who they were, or time ran out. After the game show part was the question and answer period.

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