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Calamityware is the best dishware you can get

This porcelain is not just amazing, it is something you can buy. And not just robots, but sea monsters and flying monkeys too. Perfect for anyone needing a house warming. 🙂

I love the detail: the robot is in the middle of the plate and also all around the edge.

Via the always interesting Colossal blog.


On avoiding the trap of political outrage

If you are associated with people who are political activists, you will likely be presented with events from time to time and you will be asked  “why aren’t you outraged by this?” It can put you on the defensive. It can make you feel uncaring, selfish, or apathetic. You have to agree that a massacre or child abuse or great poverty is outrageous, and you feel at that moment that a) something should be done and b) you are somehow deficient for not doing something about it.

This is a trap. First off: is there something you can immediately do to stop this? If you can, then do it. Chances are you cannot. So outrage aside, you need to make a plan either to take action in the longer term, or not take action at all. But why would you not take action at all? Simply because there are more terrible things in the world happening than you can possibly tackle. Even if you were to devote your life to them, there would be many many more things you cannot do than you can. You need to have a plan to do what you can.

Feelings like guilt or or pity or outrage may spark you do something. But if things stop there, such feelings are self-indulgent. Instead, pick something that you are motivated to improve and work on.Can you do more? Do more.

Just avoid the trap.

(Originally posted at Posterous on April 24 2011)


Your Life

If not, this weekend is a good time to turn that around.

(From the great blog See her blog for much more inspiration.

My new favourite app for beating procrastination and getting things done (GTD) is 30/30

My new favourite app for beating procrastination is the 30/30 app from the good folks at  binary hammer. I often find I get distracted from the list of things I have to do. With the 30/30 app, I can create a simple list of tasks, each with an amount of time to do them in. Once I start the list, the app shows me how much time I have to complete each item on the list. I can add if I want, or if I finish early, I can check it off (and the task moves down to the Completed section below the line). The result: I am better able to focus on the task list I have to do.

The app works on the iPad and the iPhone. The interface is superb. And it’s free! I highly recommend it.

For more on the app, you can go to the binary hammer web site (link above) or you can go here: 30/30 on the App Store on iTunes

Weekend Project: punch up your place with a small can of paint

As this article shows, you can make a big change in your place with a small amount of paint. Minimally Designed Apartment With Punches of Color (Design Milk).

Case in point, this door and the fixture above it:

Depending on the object you paint, you could get a big change with a small can of paint. Low cost, low effort, big difference. Well worth it.

See the link to Design Milk (above) for more great examples.

How news reading has changed as we went from news print to computers to mobile devices (in one graph)

Notice the difference:

I find this fascinating. From the newspaper to the web to mobile, there is a definite difference in when people read the news. Now we are seeing something similar with the move from the web/computer to the web/mobile.

Some of this has to do with form factor (the tablet is easy to read in bed while computers and laptops are not) and some of it has to do with social acceptibility (it is easy to read the news on your work computer but it is generally not acceptible to read a newspaper at work).

From: Five Guardian graphs that show how tablets are changing web consumption | Press Gazette

Giant Stickers Appear to Erase the Streets of London with Photoshop

It says something about the pervasiveness of image producing software like Photoshop in that most people looking at this…

…would clue into what is happening to the face in this image. More and more of us use software like Photoshop, Paint and other tools to create and manipulate images. Seeing it used in this way makes us aware of just how much imagery surrounds us and bombards us, as well as how much computer imagery we deal with every day.

For more on this story, head over to Collossal and see more examples and background on this.

(Street Eraser: Giant Stickers Appear to Erase the Streets of London with Photoshop)

Do you want to play Play Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Frogger & Other classic video games in your browser? Of course you do.

So head on over to this link at the Open Culture site: Free Fun: Play Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Frogger & Other Golden Age Video Games In Your Web Browser and soon you’ll be playing video games like it is the 1980s. Make sure you explain to the younger ones that you needed to pay a quarter for every game.

You want to go to Paris. You are on a budget. You need this list.

If you can get to Paris and find accomodation, then this list of the 10 best free things to do in Paris from may be just the thing you need to stretch you dollars / Euros while you are there. Some you can enjoy any time, but others are really best during the warmer weather.

Go. Have fun. Send me a postcard.

‘Notability’ is App of the Week and is free this week. You should get it.

I just started using Notability in the last few weeks on my iPad and I love it. It allows me to quickly and easily capture notes while I am interviewing clients or jotting down ideas during work. I can type in text or I can use a stylus and draw/scribble my notes and drawings. I can also take photos of things and then scribble on them. I can capture audio if I want too. There’s alot of ways to capture information.

Once I capture the info, I can either leave it on my iPad, email it to myself, or use any number of cloud services (e.g., Dropbox) to save the output. The output can be PDF, RTF or other formats.

It’s a great app, and I didn’t hesitate to pay the $2.99 for it. But now it is free, there is no reason for you not to download a copy and try it.  I bet you will love it.

For more info, check out the iPad App Store or read more about it here: ‘Notability’ Named App of the Week, Available for Free – Mac Rumors