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How to solve ANY problem (in one chart)

Found here

Here’s a simple but effective tool for copying CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray disks: ISO Recorder

I wanted to make backup copies of some family photo DVDs and I found this tool, ISO Recorder v3, very effective. As it says here, “ISO Recorder for Windows Vista/Windows 7 supports CD, DVD and Blu Ray operations. Blu Ray on Windows Vista requires SP2”. You just right click on the diskand select an option. I made an ISO file first because I wanted to make multiple copies and that was the easiest. Then I right clicked on the ISO file and copied it to a blank disk. Worked like a charm.

There may be more feature rich tools out there, but for simple copying, I like this.

In considering Kodak’s demise, it’s important to remember that Fuji is still going strong

And if you read this excellent article, Technological change: The last Kodak moment? | The Economist, you can see how each company dealt with the coming tidal wave of digital cameras. Through a combination of smarts and hard work and some luck, Fuji has managed to do well for itself. Sadly that is not the case for Kodak.

What is the Instagram Photo a Day Challenge for January?

It’s this: every day take a photo using Instagram, tag it with #photoadaychallenge, and share it with others. In addition, the photo should be based on the list below (e.g day 1 and 31 should be a photo of you). Sounds like fun!

Found here: Instagram Photo a Day Challenge | whoorl

Facebook and Grades – an really good infographic on the topic from

The truth about Facebook is that lots of young people use it as their default media for communication. It’s not simply a waste of time (though it can be that too), but if you think that is all it is and that it has a major drag on the grades of students, you might want to relax.To see what I mean, check out this infographic from (bigger version here: Facebook and Grades)

Friday Night Music: In the Wee Small Hours

Of the times we miss those we love, that’s the time we miss them most of all.

Chris Botti (trumpet) and Sting (vocal) “In The Wee Small Hours” – YouTube

Rick Santorum, Stephen Harper, and the corruption of the sweater vest

I am a big fan of the sweater vest. It provides warmth and let’s you bridge the gap between formal and casual well. Sadly it turns out that political consultants have latched onto this and are using it to humanize right wing politicians that are seen as something other than that. Sound overly dramatic? Well, here’s Rick Santorum rocking the sweater vest and here is Stephen Harper

My take is that if they wore these vests all the time, then there is nothing wrong with it. But everything tells me that they are doing it based on image consultants. Ironically they make change the association one has of sweater vest to a cynical one, and people will see them as a mask. That would be a shame.

For more on this, see Santorum’s Tressel Gambit — Daily Intel and Wearing sweater vests. – Things Stephen Harper Does To Seem Human