Toronto Take Out from Suresh Doss

The great food writer Suresh Doss has built a map of places in Toronto offering takeout. The correct and updated link is here. (The old link here is out of date)

I’ve written some python code to turn the locations into list form.

Here it is compiled as of Monday, July 4, 2022, 4:41 p.m. Eastern

  1. Zav Coffee Shop: Open and doing takeout only.
  2. Thobors Bakery: Open for takeout
  3. Epi Breads: Breads for takeout
  4. Blackbird Baking Co. Riverside: At this time as an essential service we will continue to bake and both of our retail locations remain open. As previously stated we have made adjustments as to how we are operating to try our best to keep our staff and customers safe. We ask that you respect the limitations in place on the number of customers allowed in our shops and to also keep your distance from others if a queue forms. The people need to eat! We love you, thank you for the support, stay safe and we will see you on the other side. ❤️🙏 Simon and the Blackbirds. We also continue to supply the following food shops with our breads…and we are doing our best to meet demand.
    @pusaterisfoods (all locations)
    @mcewanfoods @fiestafarmsto @thesweetpotatotoronto @alimentaritoronto @rowefarms (Leslieville only) @hookedinc @hookedonthedanforth @harvestwagon @sanagansmeatlocker (east side!) @thevillagegrocer @gardenfoodsmkt @raisetherootmarket @roastbutcher @coppasfreshmarket (downtown only) @theepicureshop @luckypennyto @popbox.mrkt @boucherieto @goodcheeseto
  5. Somun Superstar: Breads (somun) for takeout,

    “We are open for takeout orders while dilligently working to help stop the spread of COVID-19 virus. Following the recommendations of Toronto Medical Officer of Health and Province of Ontario, we are closing our 8-seat eating area and asking our customers to enjoy our food at home. We will not be accepting cash payments—we accept all debit and credit cards and digital payment methods. We have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols and we screen all staff for COVID-19 symptoms. We will continue to monitor recommendations from health officials.”

  6. Fahmee Bakery: Patties for takeout
  7. Roselle Desserts: Pastries and sweets for takeout
  8. Blackbird Baking Co.:
    At this time as an essential service we will continue to bake and both of our retail locations remain open. As previously stated we have made adjustments as to how we are operating to try our best to keep our staff and customers safe. We ask that you respect the limitations in place on the number of customers allowed in our shops and to also keep your distance from others if a queue forms. The people need to eat! We love you, thank you for the support, stay safe and we will see you on the other side. ❤️🙏 Simon and the Blackbirds. We also continue to supply the following food shops with our breads…and we are doing our best to meet demand.
    @pusaterisfoods (all locations)
    @mcewanfoods @fiestafarmsto @thesweetpotatotoronto @alimentaritoronto @rowefarms (Leslieville only) @hookedinc @hookedonthedanforth @harvestwagon @sanagansmeatlocker (east side!) @thevillagegrocer @gardenfoodsmkt @raisetherootmarket @roastbutcher @coppasfreshmarket (downtown only) @theepicureshop @luckypennyto @popbox.mrkt @boucherieto @goodcheeseto
  9. mon K patisserie:
    Open for takeout. Coffee and their wide assortment of incredible pastries.
  10. The Pie Commission:
    “Queensway is open normal hours until 8pm tonight. Take-out only obviously. We’ll review our hours over the next couple of days to see if they require changing. @shopsquareone has reduced mall hours to 11-7pm so our store there has followed suit.”
  11. Pomarosa Coffee Shop & Kitchen:
    open for takeout
  12. NEO COFFEE BAR: Delivery nearby. Takeout available.
  13. Elm Street Deli: “Elm St Italian Deli ONLY offers take out sandwiches. No eating inside at the stand up window until further notice”
  14. Flaky Tart:
    Open for baked goods
  15. Jules Cafe Patisserie: “we will only sale our products to walk-in clients. We are eliminating the dine-in option until further notice.
    Meanwhile, we are giving you an option to have your lunch delivered and enjoy it from the comforts of your home.
    Thank you for your support,”
    They also have a delivery zone. on IG
  16. Crave Doughnuts: “Until further notice, we will remain OPEN with our regular hours with a few adjustments. Starting Wednesday, we will be limiting the amount of individuals coming in and out of shop to one at a time. No cash transactions, tap preferred and minimizing the interactions between employees and customers to ensure the safety for us all. We are asking for your patience and understanding as we don’t really know how this will all play out. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    We also want to take this moment to thank ALL of you for your continued support during this unique time. We are beyond grateful to be able to provide a source of happiness and comfort to our community we are so proud to be a part of. This is ALL subject to change at the drop of a dime, we don’t really know long we will be doing this for, or if we will end up closing all together (temporarily not permanently). We are carefully monitoring the situation and we will update you with any changes as they happen. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    We also want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing suppliers. We wouldn’t be where we are without their support. We will continue to work with them to provide the high quality product that you know and love. We also know that this may also change as time goes on but we will work together until we are told otherwise. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! These are unique and difficult times for any business but especially a small, local business. We are small but mighty and we know we will get through this together.”

  17. Bread and Salt Bakehouse: Great food and pastries are only available for pick up, or deliver via Uber eats and skip the dishes.
    Our business hours will be from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Until further notice.
    A limit of 5 bags of pita per family will be enforced strictly.
  18. Daan Go Pastry Lab: “Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5p.m.”
    “Hey guys did you know we have delivery available now? Find us on @ubereats, @myfod, and on our website! 😊”
  19. BB Cafe- North York: open for takeout and doing delivery nearby
  20. United Bakers Dairy Restaurant: “We will have: TAKEOUT, DELIVERY, and UBER EATS available for you to order.

    For 108 years, whatever challenges our City, our Province, and Country have faced, we have faced them with you. We consider it a privilege to continue to serve you and provide a sense of comfort and consistency in an otherwise tumultuous world.”

  21. Little Pebbles: “Desserts are all stocked up – get’em for your dessert fix while staying at home. We’re open 11-5 everyday”
  22. The Tempered Room: “We are open today as a completely altered facility in these surreal times. Our hours will always be kept updated on Google. We are certain we are vastly cleaner and safer than any corporate grocery store. Our employees are now dedicated warriors doing everything they can to get you baked items for your home and freezer before it’s too late. Please see our stories for details and what’s available. Please please don’t take away our attention from providing provisions with custom requests not on the menu and self entitled demands – these are dire times and we all must function towards the greater good”
  23. Hatch Coffee Roasters: ” Retail coffee will be available, as well as some home brewing equipment – perfect time to practice at home.

    We’ve added some precautionary measures if you are coming in to purchase retail:
    – we’ll continue to only accept cashless payments. Our payment terminal will be disinfected after each transaction – social distancing is in effect; as much as it pains us to cut our interactions short, it is for the better
    – Hand sanitizer is available at our entrance'”

  24. Bread & Butter: best schnitzel sandwiches in town!
  25. Mabel’s Bakery & Specialty Foods: opened for takeout goods
  26. Daan Go Cake Lab:
    Open 11a to 5p
  27. Malta’s Finest Pastries: NA
  28. Bagels On Fire: Open for pickup
  29. Full Stop:
  30. Gaucho Pie Co.: Open for pickup
  31. Cinnaholic: “Social distancing can be delicious with our delivery and pickup options. 💜💜💜 Visit for more info on delivery options in your area.”
  32. Foodbenders:
    “Open for take out + food delivery apps. No seating but many smiles. ☺️”
  33. Kings Delight: Open for takeout
  34. Fix Coffee + Bikes: closed
    Offering window service, NO CASH
  35. Mofer coffee:
    “We will remain open and will be offering take out services starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 17th.”
  36. Primrose Bagel Co:
    Pickup orders but call ahead
  37. Roselle Desserts West: NO LONGER OPEN
  38. Sarah’s Café & Bar:
    open daily 12p-8p for takeout
  39. The Night Baker:
    Open for takeout, some delivery available depending on location
  40. Sanremo Bakery: Now closed
  41. Brodflour:
    Open for takeout
  42. Patties Express: Open for takeout
  43. Butter Avenue: Open for pickup and deliveries nearby
  44. Butter Baker:
    available for pickup and delivery neearby
  45. Home Baking Co.: Coffee and takeout
  46. Piedmont Coffee Bar: Takeout, Ritual
  47. The Shmooz: Takeout and Delivery
  48. Creeds Coffee Bar: Takeout. Order in advance
  49. Fleur du Jour:
    Cafe now offering take-away pastry and desserts
  50. Dlish Cupcakes:
    Takeout and delivery
  51. Almond Butterfly Cafe (Harbord): Takeout, delivery, cashless payment
  52. Fantail:
    Takeout bakery only
  53. Merchants Of Green Coffee: Take-our for coffee drinks, scones, cookies, preserves, roasted coffee beans, un-roasted green coffee beans, brewing equipment.

    Delivery via their website ( or via Foodora for roasted and un-roasted coffee beans and brewing equipment

  54. The Bagel Oven: Open for pickup with select hours
  55. Tatsu’s Bread: This is a bakery. You can takeout sandwich, soup, quiche & bgels.
  56. Terroni Sud Forno Produzione e Spaccio: Open for baked goods, dried pasta (some fresh as well), there are some imported Italian ingredients — flour, tomato sauce. Cured meat, cheese
  57. Maizal: Fresh corn tortillas for take-out. Not making them every day so email to place an order and they’ll let you know the upcoming production dates.
  58. Moonbean Coffee Company: coffee, coffee beans
  59. Gayley’s Cafe:
    open for takeout and nearby delivery
  60. Hadrien Verrier Patisserie:
    Takeout pastries
  61. Patisserie Royale: Takeout
  62. bloomer’s on Bloor: Pastries to go. Open for takeout
  63. SOMA Chocolatemaker: Free curbside delivery
  64. Bunner’s Bakeshop: Open for pickup
  65. Riviera Bakery:
    Call ahead for pickup
  66. Elchi Chai Shop: Takeout & delivery (with UberEats), order by calling in, Ritual, DoorDash, or UberEats. Fresh chai, lassi, parotha (sweet or savory), run by two sisters from Tanzania (East African-inspired Indian food)
  67. Vanta Coffee Club & Eatery: Entire food and drink menu is available, open from 10am to 4pm. Special delivery nearby of pastries and beans. Both whole and ground
  68. Angel’s Bakery & Deli:
    Delivery & Takeout. Italian bakery & pizza. Good coffee & some basic groceries
  69. Celena’s Bakery: All about homemade baked products. They have everything from delicious breakfast pastries, scones to savoury quiche and pasties. Breads and cakes also available!

    TAKEOUT ONLY, reduced hours and limited menu offerings. Call ahead to make sure they still have what you want in stock!

  70. Red Rocket Coffee: Snug, cafe offering espresso-based drinks, teas & baked goods. They bake all of their own pastries, muffins and cookies, as well as prepare their own sandwiches, soups and wraps.


  71. Bake Code: Open for pickup and delivery nearby
  72. Alimentari Italian Grocery: Open daily for pickup from 10am to 5pm. For prepackaged foods, dry pasta.
  73. Baguette & Co.:
    Open for pickup
  74. Phipps Bakery Cafe: Prepped foods open for pickup
  75. Short & Sweet Bakeshop: open for pickup
  76. The Danish Pastry House:
    Takeout. Amazing danish cakes, bread and pastries plus coffee
  77. Lale Bakery Caffe: Open for takeout
  78. Life is Sweet: Delivery only during crisis, but otherwise open 5 days a week to walk in traffic
  79. Rise Espresso:
    curbside picks online ordering via
  80. The Sweet Escape:
    Open for pickup
    “Place your order by 9pm for pickup between 12-5pm the next day.

    We are taking precautions to keep you and our staff safe. -online pre-paid orders only, no in-store or cash sales
    -no-contact pickup, pre packed and ready to go.
    or email us”

  81. Kibo Sushi House – Leslieville: doing takeout and app delivery on 5 platforms
  82. Cabano’s Comfort Food: fried chicken curbside
    american style smash burgers
  83. LIBERTAD MEXICANA: Open FRI and SAT only from 5pm to 9pm for takeout. Also on ubereast and doordash.
  84. Congee Town: Offering takeout and delivery nearby
  85. Only Pasta Inc: Open for fresh pasta pickup!
  86. Samara Kitchen: Open for pickup
  87. Bukhara Grill: Open for takeout and delivery nearby
  88. Halal Kebab Pizza: Open for takeout
  89. Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu: Apparently open for takeout
  90. Istar Restaurant Somali Cuisine: Open for takeout
  91. California Sandwiches: Open for takeout and they do delivery.
  92. California Sandwiches: Open for takeout and they do delivery.
  93. Wilson’s Haus of Lechon:
    Ubereats Thu-Sun 11am onwards
  94. Lady Marmalade: offering takeout from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    Instagram >
  95. Roti Cuisine Of India: Full menu available for takeout
  96. Dumpling House Restaurant: Open for takeout
  97. Plan B – Handmade Burgers, Boerewors and Braai: “TAKE OUT AND ORDING IS STILL AVAILABLE – EAT IN CLOSED
    Your health and safety is our highest priority. Because community transmission of COVID-19 can not be ruled out, we will do our part and temporarily close our storefront until further notice.

    • 416-231-4444 (call ahead, no walk-ins)

  98. Favorites: They’re working to get a takeout menu up and running shortly
  99. Koji Japanese Restaurant:

    Open for takeout

  100. Yueh Tung Restaurant: NOW CLOSED.
    Takeout daily from 1130am to 8pm
    At Yueh Tung, we are closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19.
    Our restaurant will continue to remain open for takeout and delivery. However, in an effort to flatten the curve and keep everyone safe we will be adjusting our hours of operation from 11:30AM to 8PM daily, and closing our dining area until further notice to mitigate the chance of spread.
    We encourage you to enjoy our foods from the comfort of your own home in order to keep safe. We are available for delivery on platforms: ubereats, doordash and mealpal. As well, we will still be accepting all takeout orders.

    Stay safe and thank you for your understanding at this time.
    Yueh Tung Management

  101. Chantecler Restaurant: Operating as Le Phenix, doing deliveries. Menu will be on instagram,
  102. Sauvignon Bistro:
    Open for takeout only
  103. Spice Indian Bistro: Regular menu is available for takeout and delivery
  104. Jatujak: Open for takeout and delivery
  105. Bar Bacan:
    You can access our delivery and takeout via Uber & Skip and you can even call to pick up food from Thursday to Sunday 1-9pm ‪
    416 535 2222‬
  106. Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant: offering takeout/delivery till 2am!
  107. Plank Road Market: Market is open and so is the sandwich counter for takeout
  108. Khau Gully: Khau Gully will be closed for dine-in services effective 10:30pm EST (March 16, 2020). Our take-out and delivery services continue to operate via our telephone line (+1 647-347-9993) as well as online delivery apps (UberEats, Foodora, Doordash,Ritual and Skip the Dishes). Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.
    We thank you for you understanding.
  109. Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine: we will be only offering takeout and delivery from our
    @riverside_bia @midtownyongebia & @canarydistrict locations.
  110. Tabülè Middle Eastern Cuisine: we will be only offering takeout and delivery from our
    @riverside_bia @midtownyongebia & @canarydistrict locations.
  111. Souk Tabule: we will be only offering takeout and delivery from our
    @riverside_bia @midtownyongebia & @canarydistrict locations.
  112. Five Doors North: We will miss you but at least we can still feed you. Call ahead for take-out orders or have it delivered from @ubereats or @doordash
    We will see you soon enough
  113. East of York Gourmet Food Co.: Samosas for takeout, also delivery options if you call.  “ut we’re here for you. With samosas, and mom’s famous beans and rice, and that baked hot and crunchy chicken sandwich you’ve been meaning to try for months now. Maybe your kids want butter chicken schnitzel tacos.
    They definitely want a cookie for dessert.
    Give us a call. We’ll drop you a fresh meal with no contact delivery, so we all get to keep holding up our end of the bargain to keep our communities safe.
    And that cookie? Get one for yourself too. And maybe some curries for tomorrow. They’ll keep in your fridge.
    Place your order by calling us at tel:(416)421-9990 or emailing us at the day before you need it. It’ll be there by the time you need dinner, with quick instructions on pulling a delicious, healthy, nourishing meal for your family together in minutes.”
  114. Fishbone Bistro: It’s with a heavy heart that our Family and Fishbone Team announce our TEMPORARY Dine-In closure due to the Covid-19 circumstances as mandated by governments.
    We are beyond grateful for all the support we received from you over the last couple weeks.
    It’s heartbreaking to see our whole industry once again, through the ages, be the “front line” of the economy in taking the first hit. We serve and feed every single day with so much pride, regardless of the daily hardships.
    To our team, we will come back stronger, better and ready to make an even bigger difference in our communities. ❤️❤️
    We truly love you Fishboners out there and certainly hope we get a chance to serve you again very soon !
    In meantime, we are offering evening
    Take Out, Delivery and Gift Cards ( 25% off on GC )
  115. Fickle Pickle Restaurant: n 22 years of business the Fickle Pickle Restaurant has never closed its doors, until now. We are shocked and in great sorrow, as we know everyone is. This restaurant in this community means the world to our family. We have put our heart and souls into it and have truly enjoyed serving such a wonderful community. We feel at such a great loss and having to lay off such a wonderful devoted staff pains us deeply. The only light in all this is that we are still able to offer take-out and delivery service to you. Knowing that this was probably going to happen we partnered up with Uber Eats delivery service, which is now up and running and we are presently working on partnering up with Skip The Dishes as well (Skip The Dishes should be up and running by the end of the week). We will continue to offer our regular call in take-out and pick-up at our regular menu price as well.
    Know that, as posted on our front door (see photo) we are taking all precautions and maintaining all recommended safety measures is essential to us. Your health and safety and that of our staff is of the utmost importance to us. We ask that in these trying times we come together as a strong community and support each other. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to continuing to serve you.
  116. Colombian Street Food by Cookie Martinez:
    M-F: 10a-2p
    Saturday: 12p-6p
    Takeout and ritual, menu here,
  117. The Toston: WE ARE OPEN! – we are taking deliveries and pickup orders. Contact us!
    For pick-up: call us to 647-666-2400
  118. Maha’s:
    “We have decided, as a family, to close both of our dining rooms until further notice, due to the severity of the situation at hand. This is for the saftey of our community, our team and our family.
    In the meantime, we will be offering our full menu for takeout. Please call ahead at 416 462 2703. .
    Our hours will be reduced from
    8:00 AM until 5:00 PM daily.
    We continue to practice our extreme care when it comes to the sanitation and cleanliness of our beautiful restaurant, our second (if not first) home.”
  119. Descendant Detroit Style Pizza:
    “Still be open for take out and delivery through Uber Eats. We understand that some people may feel uncomfortable to come in to the pizzeria so effective tomorrow, we will offer curb side service.”
  120. Pili Pili: Takeout only
  121. Ghadir Meat & Restaurant: Meat and grocery section will continue to operate regular hours. Pickup orders are available. Takeout meals (shawarma/lahmajoun/kebabs) available. They’re also on ubereats, doordash, skipthedishes
  122. Hype Food Co.: Avaiable for takeout
  123. Maker Pizza Downtown:
    We are going to continue to close our dine-in areas at both locations and transition to pick-up and delivery only. This means – you can order by phone, our app or third-party delivery partners. We are introducing Curb-side Service for pick-up orders. We are also introducing non-contact delivery which is available at your request.
    We at Maker Pizza appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. We will make changes and future adjustments based on government recommendations and we will continue to update you.
    The safety and welfare of our customers and our team is of utmost importance to us. Stay positive. Much love.
  124. Maker Pizza Avenue:
    We are going to continue to close our dine-in areas at both locations and transition to pick-up and delivery only. This means – you can order by phone, our app or third-party delivery partners. We are introducing Curb-side Service for pick-up orders. We are also introducing non-contact delivery which is available at your request.
    We at Maker Pizza appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. We will make changes and future adjustments based on government recommendations and we will continue to update you.
    The safety and welfare of our customers and our team is of utmost importance to us. Stay positive. Much love.
  125. Porchetta & Co.:
    No walk in or takeout, Delivery and pickup apps ONLY
  126. Knuckle Sandwich:
    Takeout from 11am to 8pm every day
  127. Mona’s Roti: NO LONGER OPEN
    Open with reduced hours: 11am to 6pm. Takeout for roti and doubles
  128. Martin’s Bakery: Open for Sri Lankan takeout
  129. New Quality Bakery: Open for takeout
  130. JetFuel Coffee Shop:
    Open for to-go
  131. SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli:
    Open for takeout
  132. The Poet Cafe: Open for takeout and delivery
    Also on Ritual
  133. Aloette Restaurant:
    Not sure about takeout but Aloette is on Ritual and Doordash
  134. Vito’s Pizza & Wings: Open for takeout and delivery
  135. The Aviary: bottle shop & takeout open
  136. Golden Crisp Fish & Chips: offering take out fish and chips.
    Call Ahead
  137. Lime Asian Kitchen: Takeout available for their Post Media-award winning spring rolls and other treats.
  138. Famiglia Baldassarre:
    “We will be open Tuesday to Friday 12-5pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm. The hours may change folks. Stay tuned into our stories for offerings and changing details. Buy #loveyouall #wegotthis”
  139. Brock Sandwich:
    “Takeout and delivery are at the roots of how Brock Sandwich began, so we are ready to relive our humble beginnings. Get at us on UberEats, Foodora, Doordash, and Ritual.”
  140. Drums N Flats:
    Drums N Flats will be OPEN TODAY at 4pm for Take Out & Delivery using UberEATS DoorDash & SKIP
    Please call 647-347-9474 or order online at
  141. Royal Meats BarBeque: Open for takeout and they have a sizeable delivery radius.
    “Notes (takeout? delivery? menu? special services?)”
  142. Mengrai Thai: Offering takeout and delivery
  143. East Court and Mike’s BBQ: Open for takeout. BEST BARBECUE!
  144. Adamson Barbecue: Open for takeout. Delivery available for larger orders
  145. Coffee In: Open for takeout
  146. Nantha Caters: open for takeout
  147. Sang-Ji Fried Bao:
    Fried Bao will be offering only Take-out or Delivery option at the moment.
    You may visit UberEats App, Fantuan App, or Lanyangyang App for our takeout menu.
  148. Budapest Restaurant: Open for takeout
  149. Nanaz Kitchen – Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering: “During this time, however, we will remain open for pick-up, delivery, and catering. We implore our loved ones and community to support us and other small businesses through delivery options such as Ubereats and Doordash or call for pick-up. Ubereats is offering $0 delievery and we are offering a 10% discount for all pick-up orders.”
  150. Beiteddine Lebanese Restaurant: “We will still be open for takeout and delivery between the hours of 4:00 pm and 9:00pm.
    Give us a call at 416-406-0777 to place an order for pickup, or take advantage of delivery through uber eats or doordash. We thank you for your patience and continued support during this difficult time.”
  151. 9 Queen Chinese | 皇后玖號: Open for takeout
  152. Tonino’s Pizzeria & Panini: Open for takeout
  153. Chip+Malt: “Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will be opening as takeout/UberEats only until further notice.
    This is being done to contribute to social distancing that has been called for by public health officials.
    We’ll be monitoring and following the government’s advice and adjust accordingly.
    We hope these measures will help us make a difference for the health and safety of the people we love and the community we live in during this public health crisis.”
  154. : Takeout
    5pm to 10pm daily
  156. Scarlet Ibis Family Restaurant: Open for takeout
  157. Patty Time: Open for takeout
  158. Lageez Authentic Indian Cuisine: open for takeout
  159. The Diner House 29: Small menu available for takeout. Check their IG
  160. Cherry Street Bar-B-Que: Open for takeout
  161. Uptown Brie: open for takeout
  162. Haldi: Open for takeout
  163. Salt & Tobacco: Open for takeout
  164. Completo:
    Open for takeout and offering delivery
    open for takeout and delivery
  166. Watan Kabob: NA
  167. BarBQ Tonite: NA
  168. Amakara Japan: take-out and delivery available
  169. Bella Noella’s: take-out and delivery available, slices available for take-out from 11am to 5pm
  170. Burrito Boyz: take-out available, also delivery through Skip The Dishes, debit or credit payments only
  171. Dani’s Bistro: take-out and delivery available
  172. Dispatch: fresh baked breads and prepared meals for pick-up

    have spent the day making a couple of different stews inspired by a Turkish dish called Sütlü Köfte.
    Along with Turkish bread that will baked fresh tomorrow.
    One stew is vegan. While the other version is meat.
    The meat version including lamb from @beverlycreekfarms and chicken has been braised in goats milk and sheep’s milk yoghurt.
    They are both GF friendly.

    Availability for tomorrow Tuesday the 17th is now limited to a few portions of Vegan stew.
    While I still have approximately 50 loafs of Turkish bread still up for grabs.

    I will continue to make Turkish bread and stews daily for the next day curbside pickup from @dispatchresto

  173. East Izakaya: Discount for take-out and delivery
  174. Eatz Downtown: take-out and delivery only, free delivery during lunch 11am to 3pm, then will temporarily close after 4pm on March 17
  175. Heraki: take-out and delivery available
  176. The Hub Cafe: take-out available
  177. Huong’s Kitchen: take-out available, plus delivery from Skip The Dishes
  178. Incoho Restaurant: take-out available
  179. Kully’s Original Sports Bar: take-out only from 12noon to 8pm
  180. Little Chief & Co.: free local delivery on Wednesdays starting March 18 with minimum purchase of $50
  181. Mahtay Café & Lounge: open for take-out
  182. The Merchant Ale House: take-out available for food orders and retail beer from 11am to 7pm
  183. oddBird.: take-out and delivery available, debit and credit payments only, no cash
  184. pharmacii: take-out and delivery available
  185. Sahla Thai: take-out and free delivery for St. Catharines residents
  186. Taibah: take-out available, also delivery through Skip The Dishes
  187. Rasta Pasta: We will be doing takeout and delivery apps ONLY. No dine ins. Also, we can offer you a weekly meal plan, buy 6 meals and get the 7th free. Just give us a call and ask for Magnus. We’ll get through this
  188. Arzon Supermarket: Takeout counter is open, for kebabs and rice dishes
  189. The Fry: Open for takeout
  190. Get Grill: Doing takeout only
  191. Chat Hut: Doing takeout
  192. Mamajoun: Mante and Lahmajoun available for takeout only.
  193. Hazel’s Diner: open for takeout
  194. Tacos El Asador:
    “ our dine-in area has been closed as advised by public health but our kitchen remains open for delivery and take out orders we are available on UberEats and DoorDash- thank you to our community for your continued support! – tacos el Asador
  195. Stock in Trade:
    Sandwiches to go. “We are offering to bring your order to your car. Call us to place your order and we can accept mobile credit card payment on site at time of pick up. Also our online shop should be active tomorrow #curbsidepickup #danforth. Also our sandwiches and roasted chickens are available through Ubereats and Skip The Dishes.”
  196. Southern Accent Restaurant: “So our doors will be closed but you can order from us 4pm-9pm through #ubereats & #skipthedishes ! We will also be offering #personaldelivery within a 5km radius. Call us at 416-901-3211”

  197. Rollian Sushi: order by phone directly (contact number/menu is at, or or via Doordash, Skip the Dishes and Ritual
    Nando’s, all locations –
  198. Pukka: Open for takeout
  199. Pukka Pukka: open for takeout
  200. Ryus Noodle Bar: Takeout and noodle bar
  201. Asteria Souvlaki Place: Takeout
  202. Banu: Opened for takeout – doordash and ubereats
  203. Amico’s Pizza – Italian Food Delivery & Takeout: offering delivery and take out during regular hours. Order online and save 20% on pick up, 15% on delivery. Still doing half-price pizza Wednesday’s
  204. Churrasqueira Martins Grill House: offering delivery via Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes
  205. TuckShop Kitchen | Sandwich and Convenience Shop: Opened for takeout
  206. Veloute Bistro & Catering: take out/delivery 7 days/wk
  207. H Bar: opened for takeout
  208. Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice: opened for takeout
  209. Queen Margherita Pizza: takeout
  210. Saffron Spice Kitchen: Opened for takeout and they do delivery
  211. Boland’s Open Kitchen & Wine Bar: opened for takeout, and offering delivery within the neighbourhood
  212. Soufi’s: opened for takeout
  213. El Almacen: opened for takeout
  214. Forno Cultura: opened for takeout
  215. Bombay Roti (Yonge & St Clair): open for takeout
  216. Hotmess Tex Mex: open for takeout
  217. Hollandaise Diner: open for takeout
  218. Cafe Con Leche Espresso Bar: NA
  219. JaBistro: Open for takeout
  223. Bulldog Coffee: “Bull Dog Coffee is open for some excellent coffee and fresh baked goods”
  224. Ombretta Cucina + Vino: Open for takeout
  225. Hawk & Chick: “doing take out. Bentos, banchan, jjigae, etc.”
  226. Kababana: Shawarma takeout
  227. Eden Trattoria: pick up or deliver from 4-11.
  228. Leslieville Pumps General Store & Kitchen: Open for takeout
  229. The Mugshot Tavern: Mugshot is open for food pickups between 4-10PM
  230. Barque Smokehouse: offering takeout and delivery with options accessible through DoorDash, Uber Eats, and the website.
  231. BAR*Q: offering takeout and delivery under the name Barque Does Burgers on Uber Eats. This will run from our kitchen at 299 Roncesvalles.
  232. The Real Jerk Restaurant (Beaches): Open for takeout
  233. The Porch Light: Open for takeout
  234. King’s Diner: NA
  235. The Birchcliff: Open for takeout
    Limited hours but open for takeout (I believe they close at 2pm)
    UPDATE: open from 8am to 10am
  237. Cool Runnings Restaurant: open for takeout
  238. Ramen Isshin: Open for takeout
  239. Chica’s Chicken: “To keep things flowing smoothly, the menu will be limited to sandos, bites, and sides only.
    We encourage you to place your orders ahead of time by calling in or pre-ordering on our website (link in bio). We have additional staff helping to take call-in orders and online pre-orders will now be available all day.”
  240. Imanishi Japanese Kitchen: “TAKE OUT starts today 5pm – 9pm. Menu as above plus a few extras. You can call ahead with your order or walk in. We are taking the proper sanitizing precautions to serve you and we politely ask you do the same at pick up.”
  241. RUDY: We will continue to be available on UberEats, Doordash, Ritual and Foodora. We will also be cashless for the time being.
  242. RUDY:
    We will continue to be available on UberEats, Doordash, Ritual and Foodora. We will also be cashless for the time being.
  243. Kaito Sushi Omakase: Not sure what the exact details are but chef is offering a version of his omakase for takeout,
  244. Annabelle Pasta Bar:
    Open for takeout, menu is on their site
  245. Cheese Boutique: Open, for groceries, cheese, meats, and their pastry counter
  246. Mattachioni:
    Supposedly open for takeout
  247. Rise & Dine Eatery Toronto: Takeout & delivery. 10% off if you takeout and mention their Facebook post
  248. Parka Food Co.: vegan comfort food, coffee, takeout, delivery (via uber eats, doordash, foodora)
  249. Cumin Kitchen:
    Open for takeout
  250. The Burger Shack: Open for takeout
  251. Pho King Fabulous!: Open for takeout
  252. Salad King: starting on Tuesday March 17th until otherwise directed by TPH, we will only be offering Take-Out and Delivery from our restaurant. To order our food, you can use delivery from @foodora_ca or drop in for Take-Out. We have lots of room for people to spread out while waiting! We will also be running reduced hours during this period (11:30 – 20:30, Monday to Sunday). In the meantime, stay safe, and collectively let’s beat this thing! 🧡
  253. Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar: “we will be OPEN for TAKE – OUT & DELIVERY through UBER EATS. Call us to place your order at 416 488-2031. ⠀

    If you want to support in other ways , we are offering 10% off all Gift Certificates and 10% off all pick up orders”
  254. Khao San Road: “open for takeout, Ritual pickup and UberEats delivery. Stay safe out there, a declared state of emergency is to be taken seriously. We will be regularly reassessing the impacts of our operations and will update further when there are changes”
  255. Anna Roti House: Excellent West Indian – Indian style stuffed rotis for takeout here
  256. Chito’s Pizza And Foods: CLOSED NOW
  257. Tondou Ramen: Open for takeout. @yuripants says “My usual there is Okinawa soba and chicken nanban Thumbs up”
  258. FUEL+: Open for takeout
  259. Good Cheese: We’re pre packing boxes with Double Cream Brie, 12 month Manchego, Chorizo, Plum Jam, Cornichons, & Crackers—$50 tax included. Need food? Come in, grab a box, pay with tap, and vamoose. It’s that simple.
  260. Golden Pizza:
    We are still open for business!
    Monday-Sunday 4-10 pm

    We are available on Skip, Ubereats, Ritual, Door Dash and have in-house delivery and take-out!
    We want to thank you for your continued support during this difficult time. .

  261. Hey Noodles: Open for takeout
  262. Saigon Star Restaurant: open for takeout
  263. Szechuan Legend Restaurant 蜀香苑: open for takeout
  264. SugarKane: “Our Full menu is Available for TakeOut starting TODAY @ 4pm!!! Just call 416-469-0808 to order
    To see the full menu go to:”
  265. Vos Restaurante Argentino: “416) 530-0847, 10% discount on Uber eats, 20% call in take out special until March 31.”
  266. When The Pig Came Home Delicatessen: “We will be open for takeout and we can deliver locally, with a min 20.00 order 📞647 945 9001
    If you can, call ahead to place your order to reduce wait times and minimize interactions.
    Also, you can find us on Uber, Foodora and Skip 📸Jerk chicken on a bun”
  267. Buddha Pie Pizzeria: “We will be open 4pm-10pm. Free delivery to those who do not wish to leave home. Pickup and curbside will be offered as well, all cards accepted *No Cash*
    Want to thank everyone for checking on us during this crisis. The support of our friends and family is humbling
  268. Papyrus:
    “Papyrus only offering take-out and delivery services until further notice. Oder & pay online, and waive for door pick up for minimum contact. Also accepting telephone orders for pick up and delivery orders through Uber Eats and Door Dash.”
  269. The Carbon Bar & Restaurant: From their email

    “The good news is that restaurants and bars are still able to feed the city through delivery and take out.

    The Carbon Bar will be delivering your favourites including Pitmaster Platter and Mac Cheese (and much more) from our 99 Queen Street location and 935 The Queensway location, found in Kitchen Hub in Etobicoke.

    Delivery will be available Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm, Saturday 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Sunday 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

    We will be available on all major delivery platforms Foodora, UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and Doordash to order your favourite Carbon Bar meals straight to your door. Takeout is also available through Ritual or by calling (416) 947-7000.

    We have put special precautions in place to ensure that all pick-up orders are conducted in a safe manner for both staff and guests.”

  270. Labora Restaurant:
    Open for takeout
  271. Starving Artist: “Although we are not open for dine-in service, we are still available for pick up orders, take out and delivery. You can contact one of our locations directly or use @ubereats_canada or @doordash to get our waffles delivered right to your door!”
  272. BuaBua Thai: Open for takeout “two amazing offers, a takeout special and delivery special.”
  273. Sala Modern Thai Kitchen & Bar: “we’re still open for TAKE OUT and DELIVERY via your favourite delivery app

    Call us at 415 405 9999 during regular ours to place an order OR look for SALA Modern Thai Kitchen on your favourite delivery app”

  274. RD’s Southern BBQ: Open for takeout
  275. Brooklin Juice Junction and Health Shop Ajax:
    “1. We will shorten our hours at both stores to 10am-3pm
    2. During this time you can call us, message, or place an @ubereats_canada or @skipthedishes order and we will make your order. We will not be offering dine- in at this time.
    3. Please bring a contactless method of payment (debit/credit)
    4. We are following extra sanitization procedures to keep you and your staff safe!
    5. For large orders, please allow us time to complete the order. This may mean picking up on another day. Very large orders can be completed on Friday afternoons and other orders will be up to staff discretion. Please allow us time to complete the orders in a reasonable time.
    6. THANK YOU for your support and patience! Let’s get though this together”
  276. Maracas:
    “the menu free delivery over 40$ delivering to the gta :”
  277. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka: Open for takeout, also on Ubereats
  278. Vit Beo:
    “we’ll be staying open for take out only.
    We’ll be cash free & all orders can be placed by phone – .”
  279. Naija Jollof Toronto: Open for takeout.
  280. Beach Hill Smokehouse: Open for takeout and delivery
  281. Matha Roti – East Indian Cuisine: Preorders — takeout. Not sure about delivery
  282. Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken:
    “We are offering takeout and delivery”
    Offering takeout and delivery nearby
  284. Lai Wah Heen: Available for takeout and delivery (not sure radius)
  285. KINTON RAMEN: Offering takeout
  286. Toppings: Offering takeout and delivery, through ubereats/skipthedishes/doordash
  287. General Assembly Pizza: Pies available for pickup
  288. Toppings: Offering takeout and delivery, through ubereats/skipthedishes/doordash
  289. Showtime Bistro:
    “At Showtime Bistro our priority is the health and well-being of our staff, our loyal customers and those in our community. Due to safety precautions we are implementing the following safety measures at Showtime Bistro immediately:

    1. No Dine In or Seating
    2. Takeout Available 📞 416-292-1170
    3. Delivery via UberEats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash 🚚
    4. No cash payments, only Debit or Credit 💳”

  290. Rony’s: Doing deliveries (as far as Oakville)
    “Frozen raw chicken curbside only”
  291. Lucky Star Restaurant: Open for takeout
  292. Antonio’s Italian Deli & Grocery:
    open for lunch pickup
  293. Laylow Brewery: The Young AnimalTO popup will be doing takeout only…It will be a cash free operation as to limit and encourage social distancing. To place an order with us, just simply call me at 647 539 4701 or DM me here @younganimalto on Instagram…Delivery may be an option for orders exceeding $50. This takeout only will be available starting March 18th from 1pm to 9pm….My next post will be the menu that’s available…please be safe out there…
  294. Tinuno:
    Offering takeout and delivery nearby
  295. Paul’s Roti Shop: Open for takeout
  296. Wok & Roast Chinese BBQ Restaurant: Open for takeout
  297. Abugida Ethiopian/Eritrean Restaurant & Lounge: “we offer UberEats delivery and take-out and following extra precautions. 1393 Danforth Ave at Monarch Park Ave near Greenwood TTC”
  298. R&D:
    “R&D is open for takeout orders! Please call ahead to place an order. 416-586-1241 Take an additional 20% off when a duck is added to your order. Join us on delivery platforms such as Uber eats, door dash and skip the dishes in the coming days.”
  299. Itacate:
    ” delivery and take out only.” dont know the radius
  300. Butchie’s: open for takeout
  301. What A Bagel: Open for takeout
  302. Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill: Open for takeout, and they’re selling canned good
  303. One2Snacks: Arguably the best Malaysian streetfood spot in the country, open for takeout.
  304. Maipai: Curbside pickup. We’ll try to awkwardly hand you a pizza through your window. At least you’ll get a good pizza and a laugh. Order online at before we run out of pie.
  305. Market Street Catch:
    Open for delivery through Foodora, and takeout as well
  306. Naan And Chai: Call 416-366-6226 for your takeout order, Foodora or Uber Eats for delivery.
  307. Butter Chicken Roti:
    Takeout and Delivery; all Toronto locations open at present
  308. Tiny Cafe:
    Takeout only
  309. Cafe Cocoro: Takeout only–3wFdBSA7Z62k2R0Xnn20iVQ36JXIkXJ4JGcYpx__m8mnScBnaFTy7bLU_qXos50wzIugBDYxuL-Hisq3Pn1zfrJhtxmOJU1o-s2ElpHZa6_Mv1p4Ad3qGRdloI56_hG_Sg-SW0cB4c1P_UI3XjMH2al&__tn__=-R
  310. Five Points Nashville Hot Chicken: Takeout and delivery
  311. Meat & Pie Co.: open for takeout, also on ubereats
  312. Our Spot:
    Takeout. Delivery from Danforth location on select days
  313. Lazy Daisy’s Cafe: In light of the recent reports and spread of the Covid-19 virus we here at The Lazy Daisy will be CLOSING FOR DINE IN ONLY, fortunately, we will still continue to conduct business daily during our regular hours of operation but only FOR TAKE OUT.

    We support the cause dearly and want to do our best to limit the spread throughout the community. It is with a heavy heart that we are closing the dining room for the time being, but it is the right thing to do for the business and for the best interests of our town.
    The Lazy Daisy will be serving the public for take out orders from the hours of 7am to 3pm daily, feel free to check out our menu on our Facebook page in the photo section and call ahead to place an order at 905-898-6551!
    We are still serving our BRAND NEW ETHICALLY SOURCED COFFEE LAZY BEANS that we worked very hard to perfect with our new partners ELPIDA. So drop by and grab a coffee or preorder and pick up some delicious food!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for understanding our position in this matter. There is nothing more important to us than doing our part to stop the spread!

    Also don’t forget that The Lazy Daisy offers daily SPECIALS including our Tuesday HOMEMADE BURGERS (beef or veggie) with your choice of side for only 9.99! As well as daily HOMEMADE SOUPS made always with only the freshest ingredients and our $4.50 breakfast sandwiches!
    Thank you again and please remember to do your part to flatten the curve!
    Call us at 905-898-6551!

  314. Crown Pastries: Available for takeout
  315. The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria: Take out and delivery . Call in , UberEats DoorDash foodora chow now 416 792 3473
  316. Twist Catering: Takeout, plus new in-house delivery service and new meal plan service
  317. La Cubana: check out our “Provisions” section on ubereats or phone in and pickup between 1 and 7pm.
    Now offering: -Mango Habanero Hot Sauce
    -Guava BBQ Sauce
    -Pickled Jalapeños and Red Onions -Ground Cuban Coffee
    -Fresh Medianoche Buns
    -Empanadas … while supplies last
  318. Urban Fare Catering:
    We have a prepared food counter with take out available, and we are offering delivery of frozen food (menu on website)
  319. T. J. O’Shea’s Irish Snug: Available for pick up and Uber eats
  320. Rustic Social House: Take out (and 15% off all orders) and delivery through Uber Eats
  321. Nicey’s Take-Out: Takeout and delivery available for nearby
  322. Mooring Eats: Takeout and delivery nearby.
  323. Kyo Sushi: Takeout and delivery nearby
  324. Dakota’s Sports Bar and Grill: Takeout and delivery nearby
  325. Maurya East Indian Roti (Liberty Village): Takeout
  326. Mark’s Pizza:
    New pizzeria that is open for takeout
  327. Golden Gecko Coffee: Open for takeout
  328. Agora Greek Market & Cafe:
    open for takeout and delivery nearby
  329. H Bar:
    Open for takeout and delivery nearby
  330. What A Bagel – St. Clair: open for takeout and delivery nearby
  331. Coconut Seasons:
    Delivery and takeout
  332. Vegwood: Take out (pre-order on 647-570-7634, order will be ready for pick up in approx. 20mins). Delivery via Uber Eats, Doordash & skip the dishes.
  333. Aleppo Kebab:
    Takeout and delivery
  334. The Beech Tree: Open for takeout
  335. Donburi: Takeout and Delivery via Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Ritual, Cmeow, and FoodHwy
  336. Nakamori Japanese Restaurant:
    Takeout and delivery nearby
  337. Love Chix:
    Open for takeout
  338. bloomer’s on Bloor:
    Coffee, takeout
  339. Playa Cabana:
  340. Loch Side – Bar & Lounge: Take out and delivery
    delivery with Uber eats, Skip the dishes, foodora, foodee. Monday to Sunday 5-10 PM
  342. Silver Spoon Warden: Take out
  343. Frank’s Pizza House — Toronto Pizza: Delivery / Pick Up / Late Night
  344. Pak Centre Halal Restaurant:
    Takeout. And delivery available via UberEATS
  345. AiSushi Markham:
  346. Fet Zun: Delivery and takeout
  347. Fat Pasha: Delivery and takeout
  348. Maezo | Indian Cuisine: Take out and delivery
  349. The Village by the Grange: Apparently the food court is open for takeout
  350. Inspire Restaurant: See Instagram for menu, Curb side pickup, Delivery (within 10km)
  351. Isaan Der – Thai Kitchen: 20% off for online orders and walk-ins
  352. Montecito: While Montecito doesn’t typically do delivery, it has adapted its menu to offer it’s signature dishes for delivery through Foodora, and soon, UberEats. Montecito will be offering delivery from Tuesday to Saturday every week and dishes will include Montecito’s classic Kale Salad, Meatballs, and Roast Chicken.
  353. Drake Commissary: open for takeout
  354. The Drake Hotel: The Drake Hotel is doing take-out of Drake favourites (you can see the menu here), and we’re doing 20% off everything this week
  355. CJ Lunch Box: On Ritual and open for pick up 11-3 monday to Friday
  356. KINTORI YAKITORI: From snacks to small plates, platters, and skewers, guests can order dine-out or delivery through all major delivery partners including Foodora, UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and Doordash from Monday to Sunday.
  357. Tutto Pronto:
    open for takeout and delivery nearby
  358. Shoushin: Open for takeout and delivery in midtown
  359. Pho Metro: Full menu as well as banh mi/snack counter in person. Also via DoorDash.
  360. Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes: Fuwa Fuwa will be offering delivery available through Foodora, Door Dash, Skip The Dishes, and Uber Eats, as well as grab & go options. Delivery is available at all four locations, including Square One, Bloor & Bathurst, Yonge and Eglinton and Vaughn.

    Select items will be available to customers, such as Fuwa Fuwa’s Signature Pancake, Souffle Pancake, and Tiramasu Pancake.

  361. The Shozan Room: Takeout through Ritual, web (, and phone (647-478-6164)
  362. Mary Be Kitchen: Delivery, take out, order ahead
  363. Hooky’s Fish and Chips: Delivery only with delivery Apps, and take out available. All menu items are available for purchase.
  364. Luna Junction:
  365. Patchmon’s Thai Desserts & More: Take-out and delivery. ‘Desserts’ is in the name of the shop but they have a daily meal special, too.
  366. The Davenport: now closed
  367. Raku: Takeout, delivery, pick up over phone orders (416-546-9325)
  368. Firehouse Subs:
    Open for takeout
  369. That’s Italian Ristorante: Take Out & Delivery,
  370. Crown & Dragon: Takeout and ubereats
  371. Martino Pizza & Asian Fusion Kitchen: Take-Out, Delivery
  372. Sushi & Bbbop:
    Takeout and ubereats
  373. SITARA:
  374. Salsa Venezuelan Street Food:
  375. Campo:
    open for takeout
  376. Mad Mexican Restaurant:
    Take out and delivery
  377. Tzatziki:
    takeout and delivery
  378. Toronto Popcorn Company @ The Kensington Market: Takeout and delivery on UberEats, Cornershop, DoorDash
  379. The Office Pub: Take out, Catering and Delivery
  380. Sri Lankan Smash Kitchen: Delivery, Take Out & Catering
  381. Short & Sweet Bakeshop:
    Starting March 19th, open for delivery (UberEats, free over $25 or $7 for small order) and take-out
  382. Chaban:
    takeout and delivery
  383. Fancy Franks Gourmet: takeout
  384. Cluck Clucks Chicken & Waffles: takeout and delivery
  385. EAT BKK Thai Kitchen (Leslieville): takeout and delivery
  386. Heavenly Perogy: Takeout, delivery, preorders
  387. Milkcow Cafe:
    Take out and delivery
  388. Pizzeria Libretto: Pizzeria Libretto is delivering their famous Neapolitan- style pizzas and an assortment of classic Italian dishes.
  389. Sette Cucina Inc: Take out and catering services
  390. Morso Me Food To Go: They are strictly take out have been take out since they opened in 2017 . They offer delivery through uber eats, foodora, golo. They specialize in true Italian cuisine Offering sandwiches pastas and salads . A hidden gem in Liberty Village
  391. TORA:
    Availabe through ubereats
  392. 6ixTriangles: Takeout – 127 Jefferson Ave – Delivery with SkipTheDishes, UberEats and DoorDash
  393. Oretta:
    Available on UberEats and Foodora from 12- 9pm, Buy 1 get 1 pizzas on Uber
  394. TORCH Pressed Sushi:
    akeout aburi sushi, handrolls, and rice bowls. On all delivery platforms and available for takeout too.
  395. Kanto by Tita Flips: Take out and delivery – – 707 Dundas Street West and 2986 Dundas Street West
  396. Onnki Donburi:
  397. Grazie Ristorante: Order ahead for pickup
  398. Green Papaya | Brazilian & Asian Fusion Restaurant:
  399. The Right Wing Sports Pub:
    Takeout and delivery (UberEats)
  400. Wonton Kitchen:
    Take out and delivery apps
  401. Classico Louie’s Pizzeria:
  402. The Leaside Pub: takeout 12 pm to 9 pm daily, full menu and specials, call (416) 467 8682
  403. Florida Really Greek Tavern Bar:
    Florida really Greek Tavern bar takes all possible measures to protect and protect you and from tomorrow our food will be available only for take out and delivery with all the hygiene rules.
    You can see the great menu
    You will find us at 940 Pape Ave East York
    And on tel. 4164222567 4164222567
    And also in:
  404. Coppi:
    harvest menu take out & Delivery
  405. El Trompo:
    Open for takeout
  406. King’s Noodle Restaurant:
    Takeout and delivery
  407. Tapas at Embrujo: Take out , delivery through UberEats and Doordash
  408. Island Foods: Take out and call ahead pickup
  409. Breakwall BBQ & Smokehouse:
    Still doing takeout and ubereats with daily specials like half price wings.
  410. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria:
    Takeout and Delivery from 3 locations (650.5 Queen West, 469 Church, and 511 Rogers)
  411. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria:
    Takeout and Delivery from 3 locations (650.5 Queen West, 469 Church, and 511 Rogers)
  412. Bi Bim Bap: Takeout
  413. Annapurna Mithai Shoppe: Takeout and Delivery
  414. Cafe De Paan:
    Take out only
  415. Sahan Restaurant: Takeout
  416. The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles: Takeout available
    Apps include: Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, Foodora, Ritual, Doordash
  417. MEXITACO:
    Takeout and delivery
  418. Common Good Beer Co.:
    Cans only. Debit & Credit payment only.
  419. Montmartre Bakery: Takeout. Limiting number of customers in store at a time.
  420. Gohyang Restaurant + Bar: Gohyang Restaurant Will remain Open! (until further notice) We are open for Take Out & Delivery. Please phone in your orders or Order Online at
  421. The Dizzy: Full menu is available for take out stop by or call us! We are working on a delivery service for the neighbourhood
  422. McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon & Grill: Local Takeout, UberEATS, curb side no contact pick up
  423. Hey Sugar | 嘿糖 Fresh Milk Tea:
  424. Tich:
    Takeout, Uber Eats and Skip
  425. Ferro Bar & Cafe:
    Italian restaurant. Take out and available on ubereats & skip the dishes.
  426. The Smoke Bloke Smoked Salmon and Fine Smoked Foods:
    No contact home delivery. Pickup also available.
  427. Pho Rùa Vàng Golden Turtle Restaurant: Takeout and delivery on UberEats, DoorDash, and Fooddora
  428. Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering/ Masrawy Kitchen:
  429. Mayrik:
    Take out, delivery, family meals
  430. Nimman Thai Cuisine Eglinton west:
  431. ODDSEOUL:
    Delivery and pickup “survival packages” of marinated meat and kimchi .
    Picks up are available between 12-3pm
    For special pick ups let us know desired time and we can work something out

    if you live in the perimeters of eglington to lakeshore and Kipling to Leslie delivery is available.

  432. Zoup!: Takeout
  433. Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen:
  434. Field Trip Cafe:
  435. NomNomNom Poutine:
  436. Liuyishou Hotpot Toronto:
    Takeout, Delivery, Malatang,cold noodle, Fried noodle, fried rice, dessert. Special services: Take out 15%off, $30 free delivery. delivery via Ubereat, FoodHWY,F.O.D, Fantuan
  437. Filipino n Toronto: Take out only
  438. Perfect Chinese Restaurant: Takeout, Uber, STD, 24 Hours
  439. That’s A Pita:
    Take out and delivery
  440. 120 Diner: Every day. 5pm-10pm. Take out and Ubereats
  441. Kingsway Fish & Chips: Take out , DoorDash delivery
  442. Flaming Stove:
    Takeout and Delivery
  443. Radica’s Hot & Spicy: Takeout
  444. Avani Asian Indian Bistro:
  445. Solstice Restaurant & Wine Bar:
  446. The Daily Dumpling Wonton Co:
  447. Dutch Dreams: Takeout
  448. No Bull Burgers:
    Take out, pick up
  449. Sultan Of Samosas:
    Takeout only, one free samosa if you patiently wait outside for your order
  450. Bach Yen Vietnamese Cuisine: open for takeout
  451. Lahore Tikka House: open for takout
  452. Pho Com Tam 168 Vietnamese Cuisines: open for takeout
  453. Sushi Supreme:
    “We will still remain open for Take-out and Delivery.”
  454. Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery: Hello Liberty Village! We’ve turned the lights back on in our kitchen and oh it feels GOOD to be back 💡❤️. Your safety is our priority, and we look forward to serving you through our takeout and delivery options! In addition to some of your favourite LC grub, we have added a variety of new choices to our takeout menu, including large-format options designed with families in mind. You can order online NOW through the link in our bio (we’ll be cookin’ daily from 11:30am-8pm), and we’ll be up and running on delivery apps soon. Thank you for your continued support through these crazy times
  455. Beauty Barbecue & Smokehouse: North York, it’s official — we’re back (for takeout, that is ☺️)! As we continue to navigate this difficult time in the hospitality industry, we have added a variety of new options to our takeout menu — from BBQ classics, burgers, and fried chicken and shrimp, to fresh pasta from our friends at @parcheggioto! 📣🍗🦐🍔🍝 In addition to single-servings, we also have a variety of large-format options, perfect for families. You can now place takeout orders for pick up through the link in our bio (from 11:30am-8pm daily), and we’ll be live on delivery apps soon 👍.
  456. Olde Yorke Fish & Chips: Open for takeout
  457. R&D: Open for takeout
  458. Le Paradis:
    “Due to the Corona Outbreak, our normal business has been suspended for the foreseeable future. During the interim, Le Paradis will be open from 5:00 PM to 9:30 for takeout, with delivery through DoorDash and UberEats.
    We are located at: 166 Bedford Road, Toronto, Ontario
    You can reach us at: 416-921-0995
    The full menu is available if you’re in the door before 11:00 PM, Tuesday to Saturday, or 10:00 on Sunday / Monday.”
  459. 명동교자칼국수 MyeongdongGyoza Kalguksu: open for takeout
  460. Kimchi Korea House: Open for takeout and delivery nearby.
  461. Y Not Italian!:
    Doing takeout
  462. That Freakin Greek: Doing takeout
  463. Jawny Bakers Restaurant: Takeout, menu at 11am -7pm everyday.
  464. Alima’s Roti and Pastry: Now closed
  465. 32 Chicken St.: No online presence, but it’d be great if this place could be included! They were open while walking by on friday and a sign on the door says they do take out. On skip the dishes and door dash(?) as well
  466. Imm Thai Kitchen:
    Doing takeout
  467. Tostado Cafe Inc.: Doing takeout
  468. Tav’s Gnocchi Pizza Bar:
    Doing takeout
  469. Fearless Meat:
    “We shall still be open our normal hours for takeout ordering as normal !!!…/fearless-…/P6jVpIigTiiGtHMk3G2wEA (ubereats is waiving delivery fees)

    We also remain committed to helping those most vulnerable And those seniors, pensioners, and Veterans in need are welcome to a free takeout 6oz certified Angus Beach Burger or breakfast sandwich and coffee until this crisis passes.

    We are Torontonians and Canadians.who are going to show the world just how we come together and help each other in face of any crisis !!!

    BlogTO just rated Fearless Meat # 5 Best Burger in Toronto.

    Sincerely David Brown Owner of Fearless Meat
    The Butcher of Canada
    And all the Staff of Fearless Meat

    $ • Burgers • American • Fast Food • Diner • Deli At Fearless Prices “THE ONLY TIME TO EAT DIET FOOD IS WHILE YOU’RE WAITNG FOR THE STEAK TO COOK.” Julia Child”

  470. Little India Restaurant: Open for takeout
  471. DEEPIZZ Pizzeria:
    open for takeout
  472. Southern Aroma: Takeout and delivery nearby
  473. GATTO Wood Oven Pizza: Open for takeout and delivery nearby
  474. Khao Gaeng: Open for takeout
  475. Masala Guys:
    Open for takeout
  476. Toshi Ryoriten: Open for takeout
  477. Stock Yards Village: Open for takeout. GET THAT BURGER.
  478. Phat Kaphrao:
    Open for takeout THU – SUN only
  479. Kyouka Ramen: Open for takeout. You’ll wanna try the anchovy ramen.
  480. El Sazon Mexicano: Open for takeout, and delivery nearby??
  481. Takht-e Tavoos Restaurant: Follow their IG as I’m not sure if they’re open daily,
  482. Frank’s Pizza House — Toronto Pizza: Open for takeout
  483. Mason’s Fine Foods:
    “Please use our online store to order ahead and pickup in the store. We also deliver through Ubereats”
  484. Niagara Oast House Brewers – Craft Brewery in Niagara On The Lake:
    “Restocked on Brisket and Ribs!🔥 oh, and the Sichuan chicken is back too 😎 We’ll be changing the menu as items sell out so stay tuned for more deliciousness and the week unfolds. Thank you all so so much for your support, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! Same rules apply: call (289) 868-9627 or text (416) 209-7150 to place an order. Last order in by 5:30pm.”
  485. The Hummussiah: Open for takeout
  486. Gonoe Sushi:
    Open for takeout and doing delivery nearby
  487. The Oakwood Hardware: Delivery, take out – prepared food, family meals, house baking, soups and more
  488. Cote De Boeuf: Open for grocery 11am-6pm (card only)
  489. Curbside Collective: “We are a collective of small Toronto food businesses trying to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.”
    The menu is online;
  490. Voodoo Child Espresso & Cocktail Bar: Open for takeout
  491. Tortería San Cosme:
    Doing delivery nearby
  493. Shawarma Empire: Open for takeout
  494. Kairali: Open for takeout and they’re doing delivery nearby
  495. The Copper Chimney: Takeout and delivery nearby
  496. Butchie’s: open for takeout
    We are making HEAT AT HOME MEALS for the next couple of days.
    We are taking orders over the phone only from 2-4 PM daily.
    Limited quantity available, first come first serve.
    Wednesday – Cheesy Chicken Macaroni Casserole and garden salad $40

    Thursday – Smoked Pork with roasted potatoes and Brussels Sprouts $45

    Friday – BBQ chilli (pulled pork,beef,bacon) with queso fresco + Coleslaw $40
    Weekend Menu: TBD

    Payment will only by credit card over the phone only.
    Pickup times will be between 5-7PM

    We are doing our best to provide a daily meal no other items will be available for request.
    Thanks and be safe,

  497. Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen: Open for takeout and offering nearby delivery
  498. Freddy’s Kitchen: open for takeout
  499. Alma: Open Wednesday to Sunday for pickup. Specials on ig,
  500. Urban Hakka: Open for takeout
    “free delivery above $30 but I’ve never used it.”
  501. CiCi’s Pizza & Wings, Toronto: open for takeout and doing deliveries nearby
  502. Dante’s Inferno Paninoteca: Open for takeout and offering delivery nearby
  503. Little Sito: Open for takeout
    “Now you can get you favourite cocktail, wine, cider or beer with food orders.”
  504. The Parlour: Open for takeout
  505. Rin Sushi: Offering takeout
    “offers their $170 Omakase in ‘Take-Out’ format!!”
  506. Blackhorn Steakhouse: Supposedly open for takeout and delivery nearby
  507. Gordon’s Pub Kitchen:
    open for takeout
  508. Uncle Mikey’s: Take-out, local delivery by bike
  509. La Palette:
    open for takeout and delivery nearby
  510. Miku Toronto: Open for takeout
  511. Mad Radish:
    Offering takeout and delivery nearby
  512. Banjara Bloor: Open for takeout and delivery nearby
  513. The Rebel House:
    Takeout, no delivery, limited menu available on their site, also some pre-packaged food
  514. Iqbal Kebab & Sweet Centre: Open for takeout
  515. Good Hombres: Taking preorders via IG
  516. Danforth East Soccer Cafe: Local cafe and great place to go for a friendly coffee.

    OPEN FOR TAKEOUT: beverages, rice balls, patties and snacks

  517. The Depanneur: Ksenija’s cabbage rolls for pick-up orders / at The Depanneur – pre order online asap and pick up on Fri, Mar 27
    “I sure hope you are all at home cooking and taking time to take care of yourselves during this little interruption. Most of you have been to my events at the Depanneur and elsewhere and I just wanted to let you know I will be one of the cooks this week, namely Friday, March 27th, meaning that you can order and pick up the food online via link below through the Dep.
    The Dep handles all the orders and pick ups etc., but I will be rolling the cabbage rolls and packing us some of that fresh somun bread from Somun Superstar.

    1) Pre-order online until THURSDAY Mar 26, 10pm
    2) Pick up on FRIDAY Mar 27, 6-7:30pm

    Thank you and please pass this along to your close ones if you think they would like to have some cabbage rolls in their fridge (they also freeze nicely).”

  518. Basil Box: 2 Basil Box locations are still open for take-out and delivery – 100 City Centre (Square One location) and 410 Bathurst Street (Bathurst College Centre).
  519. Local Public Eatery: 20% off curbside pick-up orders and 10% off + $0 Delivery Fee for LOCAL orders on DoorDash
  520. Foundry Kitchen & Bar:
    Menus available on Instagram. Takeout only Thursday, Friday and Saturday for now.
  521. Marwan’s Global Bistro: Closed Sunday and Monday. Delivery is available in Port Perry at 2pm and 6pm. Great people and great food
  522. Spicy Dragon Restaurant:
    open for takeout
  523. Diana’s Seafood Delight: seafood market is open.
  524. Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill: open for takeout
  525. LafLaf: open for takeout
  526. The Apricot Tree Cafe: Open for pickup
  527. August Restaurant: Menu online — “Our dining room is temporarily closed but we can still help you. We have some take out available.”
  528. Smoke & Moonshine Authentic Barbeque:
    open for pickup
  529. You Had Me At Pizza:
    Open for pickup
  530. Yummy Yummy Dumplings: open for pickup “Takeout and frozen dumplings – usual hours”
  531. My Roti Place/My Dosa Place:
    Takeout, delivery, menu is available and their own delivery/takeout app
  532. La Condesa: Contactless pick up, Friday and Saturday 5-8pm
  533. Pizza Nostra:
    Takeout. amazing thin crust pizzas
  534. Poor Romeo:
    Amazing small business. They have awesome queso, dry rub wings, fried chicken sandwich, so much more.
  535. Vatican Gift Shop:
    Usually a late night dance spot on Gerrard East (#gerrones), this place is a hidden gem for amazing food. Their pizza is phenomenal! The funghi: truffle oil, fior di latte, mozzarella AND gorgonzola, mushrooms, caramelized onions and garlic chips
  536. The Ossington Stop: Take out will be ready to go from 3pm-6pm.
  537. Cosmos Agora: Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! We are now offering Free delivery as many of our customers have requesting this.
    MINIMUM ORDER $50.00
  538. Hammerhead’s: Open for takeout
  539. Randy’s Take-Out: “UPDATE – APRIL 7, 2020

    In the best interest of the health and safety of our staff, customers and community, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close Randy’s Take-Out.



  540. Aviv Immigrant Kitchen: Open for takeout, delivery through apps
  541. Karbouzi: Open for Takeout.
  542. UFO Restaurant: + + (416) 703-0888
    “This is a local gem – they’re open, but don’t have any official “announcement” because they’re not in the online age as they’ve been serving the local neighbourhood for years. Have visited twice in the last two weeks, and they’re struggling – but open for takeout.

    To the locallers, this is a favourite. I will say before the outbreak, they were absolutely packed during lunch and during brunch for weekends. But it’s easy for people to forget about them because of their lack of online presence perhaps. I really want them to survive through this and have been taking out from them, but it seems unlikely. Adding them to your list may help the possibility of them existing after this.”

  543. Gold Standard:
    Delivery, pickup, takeout, ritual, Uber eats
  544. The Monkey’s Paw:
    Dinner menu available for takeout Wednesday to Saturday. Order before 3 pm.
  545. CINCO Mexican Restaurant:
    Open for takeout from 4-8 pm. Available through Uber Eats and Door Dash as well.
  546. Halibut House Fish & Chips:
    “Open for takeout and delivery via ubereats and doordash”
  547. Darosa Cafe & Restaurant: open for takeout
  548. Northern Smokes: open for takeout
  549. Superpoint: “Thursday to Saturday we will be offering delivery on @ubereats and takeout on Ossington from 1pm to 9pm. Wine will only be made available with takeout orders. ➡️➡️➡️ to see our wine offerings. (416) 519-6996 for the pizza line. It’ll be live at 12:45.”
  550. Monforte Dairy: “Hi folks,

    We truly hope you are keeping well in these complicated times. Because several of our markets have closed and you may be having difficulty leaving your home, we wanted to present our Door-to-Door Dairy Hotline.

    Simply phone or text (519) 301-0198 with your contact info. We’ll call you back within 24 hours to arrange payment and details for delivery or pick-up.

    Boxes are $60 and will include about 1.5kg of hard and soft cheeses from an assortment of milks (cow, goat, and water buffalo)! If you live in Toronto, Stratford, or London we will deliver right to your door ($15 delivery fee for Toronto or London). Or, you can arrange to pick up your box at one of the following locations:

    Stratford: The Dairy, 49 Griffith Rd, Thursday 9-4pm
    Toronto: 125 Jefferson Ave, Friday 11-6:30 and Saturday 6am-2pm

    Finally, we’ll do our best to make our cheese affordable and accessible to those experiencing hardships as a result of COVID-19. Just let us know how we can help.

    Take good care,
    Ruth and the Monforte team”

  551. The Little Farm that Could:
    Delivery of fresh Microgreens now available for all Toronto and Peterborough residents. 🚛💨
    Single, pair, and family sized portions available. Link in bio for our delivery service.
  552. Kendal Hills Farm & Kennels: Free home delivery of farmers & artisans products. We’re calling it a virtual farmers market, and trying to bring together the farms from our region (Clarington, Northumberland & Kawarthas) that are affected by the loss of markets & restaurant business.
  553. Fresh From The Farm: Too busy for grocery shopping? Remember – we deliver! 🚗 Every Thursday Evening and Saturday Morning! Head to our website for details on delivery areas, cost, and ordering procedure
  554. Linc Farm: CSA delivery
  555. Blood Brothers Brewing: – FREE, same-day, local delivery for orders over $100 (postal code must start M2 – M9)

    – $10 flat delivery fee for orders <$100 (same region)

    – Orders must be placed by noon for same-day delivery, otherwise will arrive following weekday

    – Other Ontario customers can continue to order through the online shop, with discounted shipping rates — delivery via Canada Post.

    – Beginning Wednesday, take-out food menu will be updated.

    Instagram >

  556. Great Lakes Brewery: 1. Retail only. You’ll be able to visit us in glorious Etobicoke to fill your trunk up with #FreshGLB cans and cases and kegs

    3. All food service has been closed until further notice

    4. Online orders – Working on it

    5. We continue to clean, clean, clean and clean again

    6. We encourage customers visiting us to make purchases with plastic as opposed to cash

    Things of note:

    a. You can order our beer via

    b. The LCBO remains open – lots of our beer there

  557. Indie Alehouse: – Moving to a take-out ONLY model, for now.

    – Customers are encouraged to call ahead, so orders will be ready when they arrive.

    – Beer delivery is available through the online bottle shop:

    – Indie is about to implement FREE (with a minimum order of 12) delivery of beer in Toronto. Use code YYZDELIVERY

    — Customers can also purchase gift cards towards future purchases, through the online shop:


  558. Left Field Brewery: $10 flat rate shipping on all online orders over $50.00, anywhere in Ontario.

    – Closing the Tap Room and cancelling all events until further notice
    – Postponing all new beer releases until further notice
    – Keeping the Bottle Shop open for to-go sales from 11am – 9pm
    – Keeping the Online Fan Shop open for beer home delivery
    – Continuing to proceed with all newly implemented sanitization and safety efforts
    – Continuing to monitor and follow advice from public health officials

  559. Shacklands Brewing:
    Brewery. Bottle shop open for takeout.
  560. Godspeed Brewery:
    Our retail shop will remain open from 10am-9pm for beer-to-go and we will continue to employ the heightened sanitation standards we have enacted in light of recent events.
  561. Rainhard Brewing Co.:
    Brewery. Takeout, delivery, mail order.
  562. Granite Brewery: doing takeout, and their beer retail counter is still open
  563. Muddy York Brewing Co.:

    “We have closed the taproom and retail store to the public until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Instead of our truck being filled with kegs bound for bars and restaurants this Friday, we will be filling it with cans and bottles to be delivered direct to your door across Toronto.

    We’re offering free delivery for local orders over $100 (excluding tax). We will also continue to offer the usual $10 flat rate fee (per shipping box) for any orders that don’t meet the minimum.⁣ This how you meet the requirements for free delivery:

    Spend $100 (excluding tax) on the online store

    Use the promo code: FREETO

    Have a delivery address that is within these borders: West of Warden Ave, South of Lawrence Ave, and East of Parkside Dr, Keele St, Weston Rd, Black Creek Dr

    We will be making a “no contact” drop of goods, so make sure you include your cell number while filling out your order. You will receive a text message when your package arrives. If you have taps at home we can also extend the free shipping offer to kegs, contact us for availability and prices.
    All other Ontario residents can continue to order from our online shop.
    These are definitely unprecedented times we’re living in. We are grateful for you, our dear customer, and are sincerely wishing you and your family some peace during this uncertain time.
    Muddy York Brewing Co.”

  564. Eastbound Brewing Company: Bottleshop and takeout
  565. Burdock Brewery:
    Bottle shop is open
  566. Halo Brewery:
    Bottle shop is open
  567. Saulter Street Brewery: *RETAIL AVAILABLE 12-8 MON-SUNDAY NO CASH PAYMENTS. .
  568. Black Oak Brewing Co. Ltd: “We’re going to keep the retail store open, but will close our tasting room.””
  569. Henderson Brewing co:
    Brewery. Takeout or delivery through Foodora.
  570. People’s Pint Brewing Company: Brewery. Pickup or delivery via Canada Post.
  571. Bellwoods Brewery:
    Takeout, Delivery – Foodora, Website, Gift Cards
  572. Counterpart Brewing:
  573. Kensington Brewing Company: they’re selling cans of beer in store
  574. Northern Maverick Brewing Co: Northern Maverick Brewing Co.’s fiercely local house specialties are available for takeout and delivery. Their Beer Shop is also open offering a selection of house-brewed craft beer and a variety local cheeses and house-smoked meats to make a charcuterie board at home while supplies last.
  575. Bandit Brewery:
    bottle shop open – served by foodora
  576. Bench Brewing Company: In-Store and Online Available
    Place an order online & select the ‘Brewery Pick-Up!’ option to have your
    Free shipping for orders of $100 or more
  577. MERIT Brewing Company: We’ve made a few changes to our hours and delivery schedule recently to make sure that we can serve you as safely as possible. The Bottle Shop will be open 12pm-7pm Thurs-Sun while our Online Bottle Shop is of course open 24/7 at
    If you’re in Hamilton we’re offering FREE delivery of 9+ items with code HAMONT at checkout. We’ve got bottles, growlers, and sausage 4-packs, and more up on the site and are delivering within the city every Monday (West Hamilton incl. Waterdown, Dundas, Ancaster), Wednesday (East Hamilton incl. Stoney Creek) & Friday (Downtown).
  578. Vineland Estates Winery: Free Shipping for 6 bottles or more using Code: 2020SPRING
    Restaurant is working on a TAKEOUT Menu.
  579. Strewn Winery: Retail store open for bottle sales
    Online sales, free shipping when purchasing 12 bottles or more
  580. Angels Gate Winery: Online Specials Available:
    Free Shipping on all orders over $50
  581. Hidden Bench Estate Winery.: Online Specials Available:
    10% off all orders of 6 bottles or more with Code: stayathome
  582. Organized Crime Winery: Online Specials Available:
    Free Shipping on orders of 6 bottles or more
  583. Flat Rock Cellars: In-store and Online Specials;
    Curbside Pickup (Call Winery)
    Free Shipping in Ontario over $150
  584. Henry of Pelham Estate Winery: Online Specials Available:
    Free Shipping in Ontario with Code: ONTARIOSHIP
  585. Leaning Post Wines: Online Specials Available:
    Pre-made 4 Packs with $5 shipping
    Free shipping for custom 6 & 12 Packs
  586. Tawse Winery: In-Store & Online Specials Available:
    Up to 40% OFF Select Wines
    Orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING
  587. The Restaurant at Redstone Winery: In-Store & Online Specials Available:
    Up yo 35% OFF Select Wines
    Orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING
  588. Cave Spring Vineyard: Wine shop open 7 days a week from 10 am until 5 pm
    Wine purchases only and the staff will fulfil any orders
    Phone and online orders encouraged, free shipping
    We can bring phone orders curb side as well. 905-562-3581 x 302
  589. Malivoire Wine Company: Online Specials:
    Free Shipping for 6 bottles or more using Code: STAYSAFE
  590. Rosewood Estates Winery: Free Shipping in Ontario for 4 or more bottles
    10% discount on all online orders. Promo includes HONEY!
  591. Kew Vineyards Estate Winery: Online Specials Available:
    Free Shipping using the Code: FREE
  592. Domaine Queylus: Online Special Available:
    Free Shipping with Code: care
  593. Thomas Bachelder Wines: Online only (email
    Prior to main April 2 release of new vintages, Bachelder has pulled together a list of wines from back vintages to sell directly online with free delivery.
    This is not the location of the winery
  594. Two Sisters Vineyards: Online sales only, free shipping with 4+ bottles (10% off, use code TSV10)
  595. Hinterbrook Estate Winery: Online sales only
  596. The Good Earth Food and Wine Co.: Retail open for bottle sales
    Online sales, shipping is free with minimum six bottles
    Curbside pick up and payment, weekends only
  597. Reif Estate Winery: In-store and online available
    Free shipping for 6+ bottles
  598. Greenlane Estate Winery: Online sales, free delivery in Ontario on orders of $50 or more
    No-contact curbside service, place order here 905.562.7207
  599. Megalomaniac Winery: No tastings, retail store open for bottle sales
    Online sales available
  600. Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery: Retail store with open limited hours and no tastings
    Online sales with free shipping with 12 bottle minimum
  601. Featherstone Estate Winery & Vineyard: In-store (Fri-Sun.) and online available.
    Free shipping for $120+
  602. Palatine Hills Estate Winery: Retail open bottle purchaes
    Online sales with free local delivery
  603. Ridgepoint Wines: Open for retail sales only
    Wine orders over phone 905-562-8853 or by email: for pick up using debit/credit card only
    Online available
  604. Westcott Vineyards: Online available with free shipping
    In store pickup available
  605. Fielding Estate Winery: Retail store open, reduced hours
    Online sales
  606. 16 Mile Cellar: Online only
    Special, “Sip from Home Essentials Wine Box” with free shipping
  607. Calamus Estate Winery: Retail store open for bottle sales only (curb side pick up available)
    Online sales, next day free delivery to Niagara customers and free delivery in Ontario
  608. Meldville Wines: Open weekends for bottle pick up
    Online with free shipping on six bottles or more in Ontario (promo code: freeshipping)
  609. Honsberger Estate: Restaurant, wine store closed until April 1
  610. Cloudsley Cellars: Online available
  611. Niagara College Teaching Winery: Tasting room closed, tours cancelled
    Online sales, free shipping in Ontario, minimum 6 bottles
  612. King’s Court Estate Winery & Vineyard | Niagara Wines: Tasting and retail facility closed
    Online sales welcome
  613. The Foreign Affair Winery: Online only
  614. Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery: Online wines orders only, free shipping in Ontario with purchase of 2 bottles or more
  615. Jackson Triggs Estate Winery: Online only, free shipping with minimum of 6 bottles
  616. Inniskillin Wines: Online only, free shipping with minimum of 6 bottles
  617. Icellars Estate Winery: Retail sales, no cash, online sales available with free shipping in Ontario with $100 minimum purchase. Use code STAYHOME
  618. Back 10 Cellars: Online only, free local delivery Friday and Saturday 12-3 (minimum two bottle order)
  619. The Hare Wine Co.: Online only, free shipping in Ontario on orders of 6 or more bottles
    For ordering, call 905-684-4994 or email
  620. Thirty Bench Wine Makers: Retail sales (limiting number of people at one time)
    Online sales, free shipping (use promo code 30BENCHSHIP)
    Curbside pickup call 905-563-0352
  621. Stratus Vineyards: Online only, free shipping in Ontario, use FREESHIP2020 at checkout.
  622. Pillitteri Estates Winery: Retail open for bottle sales only
    Online available, free shipping
  623. Trius Winery & Restaurant: Retail still open for bottle sales and online sales with free shipping
    Curbside pickup call 905-468-622
  624. Peller Estates Winery And Restaurant: Retail still open for bottle sales and online sales with free shipping
    Curbside pickup call 905-468-6517
  625. Wayne Gretzky Estates: Retail still open for bottle sales and online sales with free shipping
    Curbside pickup call 905-468-0232
  626. Southbrook Organic Vineyards: Online orders shipped by Canada Post, free shipping
    Curbside pick up at the winery (905-246-1348
  627. Château des Charmes: Boutique is open for bottle sales
    Online offered and shipping is free for 6+ bottles within Ontario
  628. Lakeview Wine Co. Tzafona Cellars: Retail store open
    Online sales available
  629. Pondview Estate Winery: Retail open for bottle sales
    Free online and local delivery
  630. Stoney Ridge Estate Winery: Retail store open for purchases of wine and cheese. Cash not accepted
    Online sales (free shipping for orders of 6 bottles or over)
  631. Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery: Open for bottle sales only (and no-contact drive-up sales)
    Online sales, free shipping in Ontario with 6+ bottles (use code SPRING2020)
  632. Queenston Mile Winery: Retail open for bottle sales
    Online sales, free local delivery
  633. Creekside Estate Winery: Retail open for bottle sales
    Online sales, free local delivery
  634. Lailey Winery: Retail store open with limited customers at one time
    Online sale with delivery free of charge in Niagara (use code OFF10 for 10% off)
  635. Marynissen Estates Winery: Online ordering includes free shipping with six bottles or more, no-contact pickup at the winery
  636. Konzelmann Estate Winery: Retail open for bottle sales
    Online sales and free shipping in Ontario with 6+ bottles (use promo code 6FREE)
  637. Joseph’s Estate Wines: Retail closed
    Online sales only, free shipping in Ontario with 6+ bottles (extra 15% discount using promo code STAYWELL)


  638. Riverview Cellars: Retail open, no tasting/tours
    Free shipping in Canada (6+ bottles), free local delivery
  639. Small Talk Vineyards: Retail open, no tastings or tours
    Free local delivery
  640. Broken Stone Winery: Shop online, free local delivery or call to arrange pick up at winery
  641. By Chadsey’s Cairns: NA
  642. Casa-Dea Winery & Banquet Hall: NA
  643. Clafeld Cider House & Market: Free delivery across Ontario. Order by phone & Pick-up
  644. Closson Chase Vineyards Inc: Order online or by email, free delivery in Ontario or pick-up at winery
  645. The County Cider Company: Order online or by email, Free Delivery in PEC or arrange for pick up
  646. Crimson Cider Company: Order by Phone and Pick Up, Free Local Delivery, and Gift Certificates Now Available!!
  647. Del-Gatto Estates: Shop online, free local delivery or call to arrange pick up at winery
  648. Domaine Darius: We are fully closed untill the 29th of March, after which we will be open for pick up and local delivery
  649. Exultet Estates: Shop online. Tasting Room closed until further notice. Order by phone, email and pick up at the winery. 613-476-1052
  650. FieldBird Farm and Cider: Open for pickup
  651. Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery: Tasting Room closed until further notice. Order by phone, email and pick up at the winery. 613-399-1857
  652. Half Moon Bay Winery: Tasting Room closed until further notice. Order by phone, email and pick up at the winery. 613-476-4785
  653. Harwood Estate Vineyards: Open Noon to 5 every day for purchase or pickup (no tastings). Also you can call 855-668-9463 and order by phone then pickup at winery. Free Delivery available in Ontario to various areas or order on-line at (yes… it’s just CO not com)
  654. Hillier Creek Estates Winery: Order online or by email. Free local delivery in PEC, Trenton, Belleville, or Napinee.
  655. Hinterland Wine Company: Free shipping on orders placed online for 4 bottles or more. Free delivery in Quinte for orders $50 and up. Please visit for details.
  656. Hubbs Creek Vineyard: open for pickup
  657. Huff Estates Winery & Inn: Free Delivery anywhere in Ontario on order of $50 or more. Free Local Delivery between PEC, Belleville, Trenton & Napanee
  658. Karlo Estates: Free Delivery anywhere in Ontario for puchases of 4 bottles or more. Phone in for “Drive Thru Service”. We bring the wine to your trunk so you don’t have to get out of your car. Buy wine online or call the winery at (613) 399-3000. County Pasty Co Pasties available for pick up or local delivery with wine purchase as well as Pig Out Meatless Munchies Faux Gris and Facon. Please call with any questions. Our bottle shop is open.
  659. Keint-He Winery & Vineyards: open for pickup
  660. Lacey Estates Winery: Free personal delivery in Prince Edward County, Belleville, Trenton. Pickup at winery. Free Delivery in Ontario with 4 bottle purchases online
  661. Morandin Wines: Free delivery in Prince Edward County. Free shipping in Ontario with minimum purchase of 6 bottles
  662. Redtail Vineyards: Free shipping in Ontario with a purchase of 6 bottles or more, free shipping in Prince Edward County
  663. Rosehall Run Vineyards Inc: no charge for delivery for a minimum of 6 bottles anywhere in Ontario.
  664. Sandbanks Estate Winery: free shipping anywhere in Ontario on orders of 4 or more bottles
  665. Stanners Vineyard: “Free local shipping (PEC, Belleville, Trenton) & free shipping across
    Ontario on orders of 4 or more bottles “
  666. Sugarbush Vineyards & Winery: call in an order for pickup 613 399-9000 or email for delivery.
  667. TerraCello Winery: open for pickup
  668. Thirty-Three Vines Inc: open for pickup
  669. Three Dog Winery: Free delivery to PEC & Quinte areas, as well as Kingston, Ottawa & GTA. 6 bottle minimum – call/text 613-403-4323 or visit
  670. Trail Estate Winery: Free Ontario-Wide delivery on any 6 bottles. Free Local Delivery available by emailing
  671. Traynor Family Vineyard: offering free shipping on orders of six bottles or on select packs available on the website. Free home delivery in PEC, Belleville and Trenton
  672. Waupoos Estates Winery & Restaurant: Free delivery across Ontario. Order by phone & Pick-up
  673. By Chadsey’s Cairns: NA