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Some unconventional running tips to try

Can be found here: 10 Life Lessons from a Reluctant Runner at zenhabits.  I highly recommend these tips to anyone who runs, especially beginners. Running can be diffucult at times: these tips help make it easier and more enjoyable. Highly recommended.

What is genius? A useful comicgraphic

From the brilliant INCIDENTAL COMICS

Mario Batali teaching cooking on YouTube

If you want to see how to prepare food in a number of ways, I highly recommend the YouTube channel of Mario Batali. He and his chefs have lots of different techniques there for the beginning cook, including this great one: How to Make Meatballs – YouTube. These are fine looking meatballs.

How big is a yottabyte?

Well as you can see from this great infographic from Nicholas Jackson and The Atlantic, it’s pretty darn big!

Once megabytes were a big thing. Gigabytes had their day of seeming to be huge. The day of the yottabyte may be coming soon.

P.S. Here is an old IBM commercial that actually uses the word. Just because…. 🙂

Project Planning with Excel

While I am a big fan of Microsoft Project and other project tools, you can still do some good planning with a spreadsheet system like Excel. This article shows you a nice way to do Gantt charts using only Excel. For small projects, this could be a good way to go.

What to do if you come into alot of money

Well, one young entrepreneur had it clearly thought out. He bought the following three things:

1. A trip to Africa

2. A ticket to space

3. A letter Napoleon wrote to his generals

Find out why here: This Is The Best Way An Entrepreneur Has Ever Spent His FU Money – Business Insider

Why is Instragram getting video?

Well, it might have something to do with this chart.

More on the Instagram here.