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What do writers’ rooms look like? The Guardian shows you

This was my favourite: George Bernard Shaw’s room. But there are so many, with many similarities. See
the guardian for more, but be prepared to spend lots of time looking around.

(Thanks to for the tip)

Get Smart(er with Ted)

I’ve seen Jill Bolte Taylor’s talk and Sir Ken Robinson’s talk and they are both great. The other eight are likely to be as good. So go see, Top 10 TED Talks courtesy of Boing Boing

P.S. I like watching my on the subway using my Apple Touch. If you are going to load alot of these videos up, though, you will want a bigger one than mine (the low end 8 GB).

The Fail Whale Fan Club

You know you are loved as a company when the sign of your inability to stay up gets a FAN CLUB. Yes, this image

which all twitter users are TOO familiar with due to twitters frequent downs now have a fan club. See:
The Fail Whale Fan Club

(thanks to Andy Piper for pointing this out…on twitter, of course!)

Create your own widgets at

There’s been a number of sites created already that allow you to create widgets for facebooks, MySpace, blogs, etc. Of the few sites I have seen, most of the widgets that I created were rather simplistic. However, over at
iWidgets, they seem to have a more sophisticated approach. I just started playing with it, but it looks quite good.

If you want to create a widget, it’s worth your while to check it out.

Twitter gets a lift

Long time twitter users (sufferers?) are used to seeing the whale image being lifted by birds: it means twitter is down. Again. Well, if twitter is a whale, this time the two birds coming along to lift it up are Jeff Bezos and Boston’s Spark Capital, to name a few. According to, twitter will see an influx of cash, and as a result:

‘The new investments, from Bezos and Boston’s Spark Capital, will give the company “some runway and breathing room” as it invests in a big technology upgrade, says Biz Stone, a Twitter co-founder. He would not disclose the dollar or equity amounts of the investments. The goal, he says, is to rebuild the architecture “piece by piece.” The process is already underway and “will take months,” Stone adds. Existing Twitter backers Union Square Ventures in New York and Tokyo-based Digital Garage also participated in the most recent round.

Bijan Sabet, a partner at Spark who landed a Twitter board seat through the investment, says the “highest priority is providing rock-solid service.” He envisions Twitter becoming “a global communication utility system,” though he didn’t elaborate on what that will look like. Bezos didn’t respond to a phone call seeking comment.’

I am not sure if will become a global communication utility system, but something like it should.

For more details, see the article here: Twitter Gets Help from Bezos.

Always good advice…and if you want a reminder to post nearby….

…you can get it here: Etsy :: BluLima :: Keep Calm and Carry On Screen Print Poster in Classic Red

(tip to the lovely blog White and Wander)

Mr X

In the 80s I loved these comics, especially the “equal parts Metropolis and film noir” that they contained (as it says here Mr. X: The Definitive Collection, Vol. 1: Paul Rivoche, The Hernandez Brothers, Dean Motter: Books)

For those who love Metropolis, film noir, architecture, or just a good read, check out Mr. X.