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Bullet proof – innovative, mind boggling and terrifying at the same time

I almost wish it were a spoof, but I think it isn’t.

Watch Bullet Proof Baby and shake your head in wonder.

Civil Rights in the Middle East

I came across this site when reading about Facebook being banned in Iran. There are a number of other articles on the site talking about persecution of bloggers and others pursuing free speech and civil rights in the Middle East. See more at
The C.R.I.M.E. Report – August 29, 2007.
As I was click on the links, I came across this clip of dress code enforcement on Iranian women:

and here is a woman beating the crap out of another woman who looks like she was trying to attempt the same thing

Doo Wop / Hip Hop – Lauren Hill / Amy Winehouse

The incredibly beautiful and talented Lauren Hill juxtaposes Doo Wop and Hip Hop wonderfully in “Doo Wop (That Thing)”, and the video drives that point home. (Great tune – great video). See: YouTube – Doo Wop

P.S. It’s not that old a song, but already it is shaping up to be classic, as can be seen in this live version performed by Amy Winehouse:

P.S.S. I know, I post alot on Amy W…..what can I say…she’s great.

How to run all your office functionality off the web

If you think, wouldn’t it be great to do all my work off the web, rather than having to do it from my personal computer, then you want to visit Office 2.0 Database – My Office 2.0 Setup and see how it could be done.

YouTube gets politicians in trouble around the globe…this time in Iran

FP has the story of how YouTube is making life difficult for Iranian politicians. Clearly no politician is safe anywhere these days. And this is not a bad thing. See:

Mohammed Khatami’s macaca moment | FP Passport

P.S. Some of you might think: whoa! what did I miss? Read the article in FP for the details. (It’s all relative.)

Mattel, Toys and China

This could be seen as an crisis for Mattel, but it is just as much a crisis for China. See After Stumbling, Mattel Cracks Down in China – in the New York Times.

Jewcy’s take on Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris

Over at the well named is a good response to the recent lineup of books criticizing religion. See:

What the Angry Atheists Get Wrong |