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My new productivity tool: Timer – a simple countdown timer

My new favorite productivity tool is this site: Timer – a simple countdown timer. Whenever I am procrastinating, I will use it to get myself to focus by starting it for 5, 10, or more minutes and telling myself: I will focus until the timer goes off. I have found this approach very effective, and this site helps me. It also helps because if I find myself going to my browser to mindlessly go on some time wasting site (hello, Twitter!) I will see this and I will remember to focus.

Fans of the pomodoro technique will see there is a special timer just for it.

As a bonus, you can use it to do a high intensity tabata workout.

Great tool. Highly recommended.


How to be more efficient online: the very big list

The folks at Buffer have put together a very big list of 100 tools, tips and tricks to work more efficiently online. I have gone over it and there are lots and lots of good tools and tips and other advice to help you be more productive and get the most out of being online. Stop wasting time on social media** and start being more productive by clicking on that link now.

** Reading this blog does not count as wasting time on social media. 🙂

How to run all your office functionality off the web

If you think, wouldn’t it be great to do all my work off the web, rather than having to do it from my personal computer, then you want to visit Office 2.0 Database – My Office 2.0 Setup and see how it could be done.

Focus on maximizing your time instead of worrying about the time you waste

Sprint has an interesting site called about fast-forwarding through the boring parts of your life. It’s kinda silly. I mean, I may spend 15 minutes a day doing the dishes, but there’s not much of an alternative.

However, I thought of flipping the site and showing how even a little bit of time spent every day can yield results. For example, if I were to spend 15 minutes / day reading Shakespeare, over the length of my life I could spend over 9 months reading Shakespeare! 15 minutes seems hardly worthwhile, but if you were to add it up, it may not be scholarly, but it is not insignifigant.

Check out: Sprint Waitless

Have the Internet Nag You!

Need help with something you are putting off? Are your friends, family, co-workers sick of reminding you about it? No problem. Get the
HassleMe to help you do it instead! And if you get mad about being nagged, well, the Internet has heard it all before….so vent away. 🙂

How to Prioritize Quickly and Easily

While this is on a site for software development, it is not a bad approach to anyone of us — developer or not — who has alot of projects and can’t seem to decide which one to do next.

See: How to prioritize quickly and easily

Get (back) your life

I saw Tim Ferriss talk recently . Now he’s featured in the web site:

The Hectic Chronicles – New York Times

He has lots of great advice on his web site and in his book: The 4-Hour Workweek.

I recommend you check them both out now (instead of continuing to plough through your email. Go on…the email will be there when you get back 🙂 ).