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Focus on maximizing your time instead of worrying about the time you waste

Sprint has an interesting site called about fast-forwarding through the boring parts of your life. It’s kinda silly. I mean, I may spend 15 minutes a day doing the dishes, but there’s not much of an alternative.

However, I thought of flipping the site and showing how even a little bit of time spent every day can yield results. For example, if I were to spend 15 minutes / day reading Shakespeare, over the length of my life I could spend over 9 months reading Shakespeare! 15 minutes seems hardly worthwhile, but if you were to add it up, it may not be scholarly, but it is not insignifigant.

Check out: Sprint Waitless

China is changing

I think it is hard to appreciate the magnitude of change in a country like China. I see cracks appear, like this one:

Slave Labor in China Sparks Outrage | TIME

We saw similar cracks in Eastern Europe in the 1990s. It’s time to watch for more cracks such as this.