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Winter fashion items: the long john (yes, really)

Not just any ole long john, but some very stylish candy-cane-like long johns from American Eagle. These can be shown off if you want, but when it is really cold out there, you’ll be happy to have them at all.

The American Eagle Waffle T-shirt is $14.95, and Long Johns are $11.95

Just because you have to bundle up, doesn’t mean you have to look boring. See “The High Low” at The Moment Blog over at the for more info.

The sad, sorry story of the collapse of WaMu

The has an excellent (and long) article on what lead to the demise of Washington Mutual, The Reckoning – WaMu Built an Empire on Bad Loans. The bank had so many bad practices it was only a matter of time it imploded. I think the article is well worth the read, but if you don’t have the time, one of their commercially ironically sums it up well:

What’s chic and European and has two wheels?

The Copenhagen Cycle Chic Blog! I highly recommend this blog to anyone. It challenges the idea of what cycling can be. If you thought a) you can’t cycle in winter b) cycling is not for large cities c) cycling is for cycling fanatics only, then you owe it to yourself to spend some time looking over this blog. Plus it’s well written and has wonderful photos….like this one!

The Word of the Day/Year is Weltverbesserungswahn

Weltverbesserungswahn (a German word, of course): the conviction that the world could be better

The Wonders of Istanbul

I had the great fortune and pleasure of having to go to Istanbul for a week of work this year. It is a magnificent city.

There are so many great cities in the world for you to see: London, Paris, Rio, New York, Cairo, Tokyo, to name a few. Istanbul should be on your list. Regardless of whether you are visiting Europe, Asia, or Africa, if you can, extend your trip and visit Istanbul. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you don’t believe me, listen to James Fallows from the Atlantic magazine rave about Istanbul, this Turkish Surprise.

Jim Carrey, Bill Murray, and the depth of contemporary comedy

James Parker from The Atlantic takes scenes from Jim Carrey’s films (and one from the great Bill Murray) to show the depth that lies beneath the Fool. Unlike Murray and his laid back delivery, Carrey’s manic showmanship can distract you to the point you stop noticing what he is doing, which can be remarkable. See The Fears of a Clown – The Atlantic Podcasts and then read what Parker has to say. You will gain a whole new appreciate for Carrey. He may still get on your nerves, but then, that is the point.

Parker talks about Carrey being in a work by Becket. I think a better place for him would be in a Bunuel film. He would be terrifyingly funny, and capable of achieving something that Jerry Lewis, Steve Martin or Bill Murray could not.

The Big Picture: year 2008 in review

Normally I skip things like “top ten XYZ for 2008”. But when I heard about the year 2008 in photographs at The Big Picture from, I had to take a look. Sure enough, they are great photos. Truly great.

Things I like about it are:

  • The photo quality is excellent. It’s photojournalism at its best.
  • There is more of a world focus than just an American focus.
  • There is a wide range of photographs, from light moments to horrific ones, with plenty showing how awesome the world can be (see the first one of the lightning storm in a volcano).
  • There are good notes explaining the context of each photo.

The only thing that you might want to skip over is the comments: it’s alot of either cheering or petty criticism (e.g., these photos seems to have a liberal bias).