Winter fashion items: the long john (yes, really)

Not just any ole long john, but some very stylish candy-cane-like long johns from American Eagle. These can be shown off if you want, but when it is really cold out there, you’ll be happy to have them at all.

The American Eagle Waffle T-shirt is $14.95, and Long Johns are $11.95

Just because you have to bundle up, doesn’t mean you have to look boring. See “The High Low” at The Moment Blog over at the for more info.

One response to “Winter fashion items: the long john (yes, really)

  1. Speaking of fashionable underwear, how about this one, see

    What do you think Bernie – should I pick one up for you? You can wear the red candy cane long johns in the cold winter and these samurai boxer brief in the summer, you are all set!