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The Cure unplugged

There are a bunch of excellent black and white videos on YouTube of the Cure performing acoustic version of their great work, including this:

If you like this, go to YouTube and look for “The Cure Acoustic”. You’re in for a treat.

Where’s on (Google) Earth is Waldo?

Hint:  according to this article, Where’s Waldo? Try Using Google Earth : NPR, he should be somewhere in Vancouver, if you are looking for him on Google Earth.

Idea: assuming Google Earth does pick this image up, give your kids the challenge of finding him using a browser! Then go take a well deserved nap, knowing it is going to take them awhile. 🙂

Superb guitar work on Born Under Punches Live with Talking Heads and Adrien Belew

I’ve always loved this song, but I hadn’t seen ths live version before. It has superb guitar playing from many of the players on stage, but Adrien Belew (from King Crimson) does some amazing things with feedback at the beginning. Well worth a look and a listen.

YouTube – Talking Heads – Live in Rome 1980 – 10 Born Under Punches

HuffPo on something very important: the resurgence of the backless dress

You may have been fooled into thinking the Huffington Post was just about hard news reporting and wonky policy debates. Or maybe that’s me. Anyway, it give me a chance to make you familiar with this article of theirs on the backless dress! Take it away, Katy Hall:

“The backless dress: a great way to showcase sexy curves, or in some cases, a rack of ribs. Also, it’s totally of the moment because Plum Sykes wrote about it in July’s Vogue! (“Wearing a backless dress is demanding. It requires the right back – neither too fleshy nor too bony.”) Check out these plunging backlines and tell us what you think.”

Now snarkiness aside, I think that’s true: not everyone can wear such a dress. For instance, I can’t. And I think a) this is the slow news season b) backless dresses are hot! 🙂 If you agree with b, then check out this article, series of photos, and heck, even a poll on who wears the dress best.

Halle Berry is one of the leading contenders in the poll — no surprise there — but Bai Ling certainly should win something for wearing the lowest cut of the backless dresses. For more, see Bareback Ladies: When Celebs Go Backless (PHOTOS, POLL)

The Beer at today’s Beer Summit was apparently

POTUS: Bud Light
VPOTUS: Bucklers
Gates: Sam Adams Light
Crowley: Blue Moon

Now you know.

Ale To The Chief: White House Beer Summit 2009 | TPM Photo Galleries

Software tools I use: Cool Timer

One way I try to beat procrastination is using a timer. When I need to focus, I like to set myself a time limit and stick to it. To measure the time limit, I use this very simple but effective piece of software called Cool Timer. There are lots of other timers out there, but the simplificity of this one is something I like. It only runs on Windows, but if you have that OS, I recommend this tool.

It’s also good for running workshops too. The timer can be appear very big, and whenever I want the people in the workshop to work on something for awhile, I project this timer on my monitor. Bonus: when the time is up, a loud chime goes off. It really gets the attention of the people in the workshop.

ok, my time is up! 🙂 You can get the tool here: Cool Timer – Free software downloads and reviews – CNET

How to get people to read your blog

It’s simple, really. Provide how to advice. If you know how to do something, blog about how to do it and write about it in a way that is clear and informative. People are often searching for how to do things. If you write about it, they will come to your site.

Of the many things I write about, the posts concerning how to do things tend to get more visits than others.