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I’m moving my blog!

Thanks for coming to this blog. If you like my blog, please come and see my new blog at:

Different domain name, same good contents.

The No Knead Bread: so simple, even a four year old can make! So you can too

Over at the excellent food blog, Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen, is a review of the No Knead Bread recipe that was featured in the a while ago. Better still, Jaden provides instructions so simple to follow, even a 4 year old can do it (and she has photos to prove it). If nothing else, have a good read of the recipe:

No Knead Bread, Revisited

P.S. This article: How to Turn Cheap “Choice” Steaks into Gucci “Prime” Steaks is also highly recommended. Heck, just sample the entire blog. 🙂

Gerhard Richter books at Amazon

Amazon has quite a good collection of Richter books, including this one, which I quite like:

and this one, which is a fine little collection:

and this one, which covered the MoMA’s retrospective of Richter.

For this entire list, go here: Gerhard Richter

You don’t fail until you say you do…or Never, Never, Never, Never give up had a pointer to this great collection of people who failed or were considered failures: They Did Not Give Up

Anyone suffering from one of life’s many setbacks can take comfort from this.

Are you paying for ringtones? Don’t. Read why…

WiReD’s compiler blog has the story here

Kate Nash and Foundations

The music is poppy, the lyrics are anything but. Transbuddha has Kate Nash singing Foundations here

Jim Jaramusch, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits

Jim Jaramusch’s “Coffee an Cigarettes” has alot of great scenes, but this one of Iggy Pop and Tom Waits is my favourite. It helps to know something of the two singers, but it is still funny.

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