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Something to consider if you are gaming this holiday season (never mind the metaverse)

If you are planning to do some gaming this holiday season, especially Halo, then read this: Cheaters are already ruining Halo Infinite multiplayer games – The Verge. And it’s not just Halo, but lots of big online games.

As an aside, when I read about Mark Z’s Metaverse, I imagine them not even considering things like this.

(Image from article).

When I first saw that URL, I thought: what?! I am happy to say the site is not about hacking in charities. Instead, it is:

about proving that hackers have amazing skills that can transform charitable organizations.

So if you know of some budding hackers who want to save the world and come up with some worthwhile hacks, send them

See what the hackers are up to at Hack of the day

Sometimes when I hear of a computer security threat, I think: oh, who would go through all the trouble to do that? Well, lots of people. Now not all hacks are threatening, but most hacks are innovative and go to lengths most people wouldn’t. You can see for yourself by going to Hack a Day