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Visualizing wartime

IBM has a tools called Many Eyes that allows people to create visualizations of day. This is related to my previous entry, but this time it’s Coalition fatalities in Iraq

Design That Solves Problems for the Worldโ€™s Poor

The New York Times has an article on a show at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York which includes many items to show a grasp of the depths of world poverty and ingenious ways to attack it. such as the 20-gallon rolling drum for transporting water, above.

The OLPC is also there, as well as the design of other things.

I thing there are things people need that are essential — whether they be materially well off or not — and things they don’t need. I believe the exhibit focuses on the former. For example, as Nicholas Negroponte says, the point of OLPC is not the laptop, it is the focus on education that the OLPC enables. It is not that every child in the world should have a new thing.

That said, I think some of the design is….cool. Now if someone would design a half decent cart to help me get my groceries home without a car, I would be happy. But I digress.

The Gadgets are coming!

Ok, I think there is alot of hype behind gadgets, widgets, etc. But there is also alot of potential power, as well. Technically your web site / page / blog / what have you ends up become much like a spreadsheet. Your blog+widgets = the next killer app. (There’s the hype thing again).

Anyway check out LabPixies and decide for yourself. For instance:

LabPixies – YouTube Top 10 – Coolest Gadgets on the Web!

Here’s the source:

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The great Kevin Kelly

One of FM’s author is Kevin Kelly, of Kevin Kelly — Cool Tools

He’s much more than this. He has been doing cool stuff for many years, whether he was working on the Whole Earth Catalog (the Internet in a catalog form ๐Ÿ™‚ ) or helping launch WiReD (before it became TiReD). His cool tools section of his web site always has interesting articles in it.

It’s a shame the Whole Earth Review isn’t around anymore. But KK’s web site is: soak it up.

Learn more through Advertising

Federated Media Publishing says:

FM represents outstanding authors whose sites cater to cultural influencers, technology decision makers, early adopters and business leaders. Our first “federation,” focused on digital business and culture, reaches millions and millions of unique readers every month. New federations in the small business, media/entertainment and parenting categories, representing millions of entrepreneurs, upscale consumers and families, are in the process of launching as well.

So check out their author list: it’s a good one.

Miss USA 2007 Falls during the evening gowns competition of Miss Universe 2007 or Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

So you think you are having a bad day. Well at least this isn’t you…

This was one of the most popular photos on Yahoo! Miss Universe on Yahoo! News Photos

With the Web 1.0, if you mess up, many knows about. With Web 2.0, they tell all their friends, meaning that many more people know about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Operation Enduring Freedom: Coalition Fatalities

The site Operation Enduring Freedom: Coalition Fatalities has an online database with death counts for foreign fighters in Afghanistan. Only the US and Britain (just) have more deaths than Canada.

It says casualties, but the count is deaths, not injuries.