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Merry Christmas!


A very important Christmas consideration: white lights or colored lights? The NYtimes has the scoop


It may seem silly, but it is a debate I have been in a number of times myself, and based on this article, I am not alone: Colored vs. White Is a Christmas Light Debate – Personally I lean towards colored lights on the Christmas tree and white or monochrome outside, though not the blinking kind (they drive me crazy). However I have been overruled in my house and we have gone with white lights in and out. That’s fine by me, because in winter, any additional light is welcome. Even more so when it is festive and comforting.

Merry Christmas!



The Best 500 Internal server error evah! From Youtube. #geekish

This is the response I received from a link to YouTube today. 500 Internal Server Error:

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

Either (a) they don’t think much of their staff, or (b) they have some really smart monkeys working there!

An evangelical remembers his friend Hitchens

There are lots of great tributes and warm stories by many writers on Christopher Hitchens. One that I particularly liked was this one:
My Take: An evangelical remembers his friend Hitchens – CNN Belief Blog .

Well worth a read, especially for people who have a simple and limited view of Hitchens, for good or bad.

Saturday Night (Christmas) music: Gabriel’s Message

This is a beautiful rendition, and a strikingly beautiful video to go with it. (Remember, this was made in the 80s, making this relatively subdued for the time.)

Sting – Gabriel’s Message – YouTube

Who disagrees with Christopher Hitchens on capital punishment? Christopher Hitchens

Here he is in 2011, Staking a Life – Lapham’s Quarterly, on capital punishment. And here is is in Slate in 2006, Don’t hang Saddam. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine.

I am not sure if he changed his opinion or not, but I found it interesting how he refers to Saddam with regards to capital punishment and whether or not he deserved it.

The right way to wear a bowtie

I love bowties, but I avoid them because of how closely associated they are with looking like a dweeb. That’s a shame, because they are a great accessory. I could never figure out how to avoid that look, but I think this photo has given me a hint. Aaron Young (pictured here) knows how to wear a bow tie. His suit, shirt and boots are cool and subdued — nothing dweebish there — and his hat is striking. So much so that the bowtie doesn’t get all the attention. I think this is the best way to wear a bowtie: always have one other item of clothing that diminishes it, while keeping the rest of your look cool. Smart.

Found here:the selby