About this blog

I used to send interesting links and information to my friends on a distribution list I had called “smart people I know”. Eventually I decided to create a blog to collect all the information and I blog it here instead. That’s why it has the name it does.

Most of the entries in this blog will be along the lines of: “hey, I found this interesting, and here’s why”. Over at my Posterous blog I keep more of a notebook where I try to write out longer pieces that are more introspective and creative and less a response to things I come across. I also keep a Tumblr/Tumble log which pulls together my twitter feed and highlights postings I make from other parts of the web.


7 responses to “About this blog

  1. I love this! Now you’ve got me thinking……I have to visit more often…..love the chocolate confirmation

  2. Michael J Raymond

    Gentlemen: I have a suggestion for the AIG Bonuses. Since we are majority stockholders Please show us the audited inprovement that each executive made to the company in service and profits. (Independent). Those that show how they improved SERVICE and made money give them the bonus.
    Those that can’t show that, but are under contract for the bonus, FINE, give it to them as a termination check 🙂 Box them and ship them!!!

  3. Your blog gave me a good impression.
    It seems informative!

  4. I love the bench—do you have any other pieces—I would like to talk to you about buying some of your work. Neale

  5. I hear that Posterous is going away, what’s your replacement service?

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