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What kind of car can you get with a guitar?

Why the VW (or at least you could). Volkswagen often have innovative ads, and these are no exception. While there is one with Slash and John Meyer, this one with Christopher Guest in full Spinal Tap regalia is my favourite.

What kind of car can you get for $199/month?

According to the Globe, there are six of them (in Canada). The list and the details can be found here

What is also interesting is a rundown on the current state of auto leasing in Canada. While it is diminishing, you can still get a low cost car, even without leasing. As a bonus, these half dozen cars will use alot less gas than an SUV.

Anyone interested in buying a car should consider this article.

The Human Race 10K by Nike and me

Like many many other people, I participated in Nike’s Human Race 10K today. While Toronto isn’t one of the official cities on the list — for Canada, that city is Vancouver — there was still a well run event held at the Nike Lounge on 1219 Yonge Street today. I went down and got a free sports T shirt (not cotton), and I also got to borrow an iPod Nano with a chip to record my time. Bonus: they let me try a pair of Luna Trainers that I really liked: very neutral with tons of cushioning. Nice.

The route itself was a bit tough: the first half was a big steep run up Yonge St and then all the way up the beltline. But after that, it was all downhill through a morning filled with sunshine. And at the end, there was lots of food, drinks, and general festivities at the lounge.

It was a great event, even if my time of 53:42 over 10.6 km was not. 🙂 Kudos to Nike.

It goes on until 8 p.m. in Toronto at that location, so if you are interested, check it out. And check out the site here for more details:

The Human Race 10K – 8.31.2008 Join a million runners worldwide for a 10K like no other.

Computing in the year 1924…

…looked liked this:

(note the sign in the top left). According to the blog, Shorpy where this comes from, this is a photo from ‘November 24, 1924. Washington, D.C. “Bonus Bureau, Computing Division.
Many clerks figure the amount of the bonus each veteran is entitled to.”‘

There are lots of amazing old photos at the site.

(tip from

Estelle on Saturday Night

Nothing could be more perfect for a Saturday night than Estelle and the way she sings “American Boy”.

YouTube – American Boy – Estelle Feat. Kanye West

BTW, that link has some swearing in it that this link,, does not have. Oddly, in this second link, the Michael Jackson button that Kanye is wearing is grayed out. Then again, this second link is associated with WEA music: that may have something to do with it.

I like the reference to Gladys Knight and the Pips in this song: Estelle reminds me of singers of that era.

I like how the shadow dances out of synch with her too. Heck, I like lots about this song/video, from the changing tempos, the guest appear of John Legend, the use of black and white patterns visually, her outfits, even.

Definitely bears repeat watching and listening.

Your Daily 15

If you feel stuck in a rut or needing a push to make “your life happier, healthier, and smarter”, then you want to surf over to
Daily 15. Every day the site posts “a challenge that will take you 15 minutes or less”. It may be just the thing to get you going.

Works of art? Chocolates? Both?

It might look like a work of art

and in some ways it is, but first and foremost, it is a fine chocolate, from Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

If you like the look of this Russian Tea chocolate (a dark chocolate ganache infused with black teas and scents of citrus, bergamot and spices), then head over to the site for more cocoa goodness.