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How India is changing

Can be seen in this superb article, India’s New Generation of Caste Busters – It reads more like the digest of a sweeping novel and less like a magazine article. Indeed, as the NYTimes states, the author, “Anand Giridharadas is an online columnist for The Times and the author of “India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking,” out this week, from which this article is adapted.” It is a very personal story set against and embedding the changes occurring in India. A must read.

Rocket Radar: the must-have TTC iPhone app

My former colleague and all around smart guy, Adam Schwabe, has written a great iPhone app for riders of the TTC in Toronto. It’s called Rocket Radar, and you can find out more about it in this blogTO interview with Adam, here: Rocket Radar is the new must-have TTC iPhone app.

Great idea, and a great use of open data from the city of Toronto. Smart stuff indeed.

A good new year’s resolution: buy arts and crafts as gifts

If you are looking for resolutions beyond the usual one, why not try that one. You can get lots of gifts for $20 at
20×200, including this great print called Vogue May 2010:pg 70 (List of Contributors), by Lauren DiCioccio. It would be perfect for the fashion (or magazine) lover. The 10″ X 8″ version is only $20! You can pick up a frame for a few bucks more (think IKEA or even a dollar store if money is tight) and you have a beautiful gift.

For crafts, there’s Etsy, of course (“Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies“) and in Canada, why not try  Art Interiors?

The exceptional 1958 – 74 Yashica D

What makes this camera exceptional? Many things to a trained photographer, I have no doubt. But to me, what makes it exceptional is this, the “Yashica D had a long production run of 16 years with no changes”.

That is amazing to me. Is there anything these days that is a consumer product that hasn’t been redesigned in 16 years? 10 years, even.

More good food blogs: gourmande in the kitchen

There are some specialized sites on the web I just love. One are interior decor site (yes, there are many, including alot featuring bookshelves) and the other is food sites. There are lots of great ones out there. I like in particular this one, gourmande in the kitchen, which is just getting started. I hope it continues. It’s well designed, has good content, and really good photographs, like this one:

It looks better on that site. Go visit and feast your eyes.

Do you own a restaurant? Do you have a web site?

Then check out this tumblr site and follow the instructions here: Never said about restaurant websites – How to make a less horrible restaurant website. The site itself has mockingly compliments restaurants sites, very likely born out of suffering through existing sites.

It boils down to keeping it simple.

Thanks to @adamschwabe on twitter for pointing this site out.

Cost and the New York Snow Storm of 2010

Reading this, Inaction and Delays by New York as Storm Bore Down –, the one thing that no one brings up is that of the cost of having workers work at that time of year. Cities have a “snow” budget that they want to stretch over the entire winter, and if possible, you want to not spend it all at once. I wonder if that didn’t enter into the calculations of the city. That, and not wanting to call people in at Christmas are two reasons why New York failed to deal with things as well as they should have.