Good cheap French wine in Ontario

Is a wine like this one. It consists of colombard, ugni blanc and gros
manseng. I see the first two in a lot of French white. It has 11% alcohol,
which is another thing I like about French and other European wines: they
are not always pushing their wine towards the 14% or in some cases 15%

The wine is light and very refreshing, yet still possessing lovely citrus
flavours. No oak. It may sound odd, but when I drink it, I am reminded of
summer. I am not a big fan of pinot grigio, but if you are, you should like
this. It would go well with mild cheeses, pates, and soups as well as
shellfish or cream sauces on pasta.
It’s not a complex wine, but it is a nice wine to have midweek with a quick
dinner, or with a salad and a not too tangy vinegrette and some goat
cheese to go with that.

And the best thing of all is right now it is less than $10 in the Vintages
section of the LCBO.
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