Why I love the site calorie count

What I love about the site  Calorie Count is not only does it tell you the nutritional facts of many popular fast foods, like the Calories in Starbucks Coffee – Cappuccino, but it also gives you nicely printed nutritional labels. (Essentially, they are the same labels you get on most food you buy from the grocery store.)

I think it would be great if all large chains printed such labels with their food.  Of course they won’t, unless they have to. But if most people saw on a regular basis how many calories were in a blueberry scone or some of those coffee flavoured drinks, for instance,  they might have alot less of them, and one would hope they would switch over to something more reasonable.

Regardless, I recommend you check out Calorie Count, especially if you frequent fast food places. Print off some labels of the foods you regularly eat. You might find yourself making better choices.





One response to “Why I love the site calorie count

  1. Sunshine+Design

    i love it too!