Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

Give art for Christmas – get it at Art Interiors’s 16th Annual Festival of Smalls

If you want a great inexpensive gift idea for someone this Christmas and you are in the Toronto area, I suggest you check out the 16th Annual Festival of Smalls. Art Interiors is a wonderful gallery in Toronto that annually features smaller works by fine artists at  low prices. There’s a wide array of art works that would appeal to anyone. And at those prices, you can afford it.

One of my favourite artists, Emily Bickell, is featured again. I love her abstract water paintings, like this one:

As well, a friend of mine, Jay Hodgins, has a number of his pieces featured in the Festival, including this one, which I really like:

If you are wondering: are they all abstract, then I give you this great work of Canadiana by Elizabeth Lennie, called Shinny 20 (appropriately enough):


Go check out the site, here: Art Interiors.

Better yet, go to the gallery and buy something for someone. Oh, and sure, get something for yourself, too. 🙂


Why I prefer Yahoo Maps over Google Maps

When I speak to people about directions, they usually refer to Google Maps. However, I have been burned twice by Google Maps giving me the wrong directions. For example, yesterday, I was going to 165 University Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada and I entered this in maps.google.com and was giving the wrong information and ended up almost being late for my interview. The previous time I was late for a funeral when I ended up miles away from my destination.

Yahoo! Maps has the correct information (as it did the last time). At a minimum I recommend you check both of them, especially if you have an important appointment. Or just use Yahoo! Maps.