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Autumn Leaves

The park near my house is beautiful, with a wide variety of great looking trees. However, sometimes scenes of beauty can be at your feet. Like here:

Fall Leaves

The sun was bright white this morning, and the leaves were scattered nicely across the dirt. I love Fall: it’s a season so nice, they had to name it twice. 🙂

This is what courageous looks like: Mahmoud Vahidnia from Iran

I was very impressed by this story and this student shown above. Apparently this student recently challenged the supreme leader in Iran by asking him, Why Can’t Anyone Criticize You? According to a number of blogs, including “Persian2English”,

Supreme leader Khamenei usually holds conferences with top students who are pre-selected to speak. These students usually go on stage and praise Khamenei. Then Khamenei usually speaks and talks about how much he values their ideas.

But this Wednesday October 28th, the conference was different. After the students spoke, Khamenei asked if anybody had any questions. Mahmoud Vahidnia, a math student from Sharif university who is also winner of the International Math Olympics, stood up and said courageously:

“Yes, I have some words with you.”

Here is a summary translation of what the students said to Khamenei:

“Why can’t anyone criticize you in this country, isn’t that ignorant? Do you think that you make no mistakes? Why have they made an idol out of you that is so unreachable and that nobody can challenge? I have never read an article about your performance in any newspaper because you have shut down all the media that is against you in the country. Why does national TV show all the events untruthfully? For example all the events after the election. Why do you support them [national TV shows], when everyone knows they are lying? Since the president of national TV is directly selected by you, then you are responsible for all this.”

Khamenei evades answering the student and calls his words not truthful. He claims that people criticize him everyday and he listens to them and then fixes his errors.

Everybody knows that this is just another lie. Rumors say that the student has been arrested.

I hope he is ok, though I am not optimistic.

(Found via Andrew Sullivan).