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Smart: New York City redoes scaffolding

So that it will look like this:

Scaffolding is a necessary part of city streets, and if you can’t hide it, why not feature it? For more on this, see: Coming Soon to the Sidewalks: A New Look for Scaffolding –

Thoughts on winter: Adam Gopnik’s and my own


I was excited to see three of my favourite things come together: the writer Adam Gopnik giving the Massey Lectures on the topic of Winter (all rolled up into this book). I haven’t started to read it yet, but I am looking forward too.

While not in the same league as Gopnik, last winter I was inspired to write about winter as well. If you can’t get enough about writing on the joy and beauty of winter, you can read some of what I wrote here:

Some thoughts on memory and winter

The quality of darkness and the luminosity of winter nights

One of my favourite weeks: the mild weather week in February

The joy of the cold and the dark (some thoughts)

On light at night (some thoughts, random)

If on a winter’s day you board the wrong train…

Monday morning music: Omawumi – If you ask me (via @afromusing)

I love this. It reminds me of classic Stax, though Omawumi is Nigerian. Supremely catchy: it’s been stuck in my head all weekend.

Omawumi – If you ask me (follow link for lyrics) – YouTube

Great political art from Shepard Fairey and Stanley Donwood, here

The above is by Donwood, found here, Thought You Should See This, where you can see a much better representation of it, as well as find out more about it.


Here’s Fairey’s, remixing his classic HOPE poster:


Found here: Occupy HOPE – OBEY GIANT

A nice visualization of the top 0.01% and top 1% can be seen here

Here’s a taste of the visualization:

But if you want to see the original, go here: The Top 0.01% and Top 1%’s Income Share: 2008 — Visualizing Economics

It’s 2008, but if anything, it is still relevant (although the top 1% are even richer, relatively speaking, to the rest.)

Wednesday night / Thursday morning music: two from Tinariwen

Here’s Tenere Taqhim Tossam (Official Video)


Groove In G as part of Playing For Change

Check out the 18th Annual Festival of Smalls at art interiors in Toronto


Every year, the Toronto gallery, art interiors, holds their annual event whereby they sell small pieces of their artists’ work for very reasonable prices. (For example, this great painting by Peter Andrew, from his Highway Series). I highly recommend that anyone interested in wonderful works of art check out their web site and pay them a visit here: Affordable Artwork / Canadian Art / Gallery / Framing / Canvas / Art Interiors – Toronto, ON

Paintings are going from $55 to $250. You can’t go wrong. Canadiana at its best. (And Peter Andrew’s paintings are fine examples of 21st century Canadiana.)