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Gardening as a form of mental wellness

Gardening is a tricky hobby. I’ve always associated it with older people. Which makes some sense: if you go to a gardening center in spring, it will be packed mainly with old folks. This is a bad prejudice to have. As this article by Samin Nosrat showed me, gardening can be a great activity to help with one’s mental wellness.

She starts:

Last winter I suffered a devastating bout of depression. Unable to do much else, I took to the neglected beds of the vegetable garden I share with my neighbors. Weeding and composting for hours a day, I was regenerating both the soil and something deep in myself. It felt so crucial to my well-being that sometimes I wore a headlamp to extend my work time past the waning daylight.

It’s worthwhile reading the entire article. She makes a great case for the goodness that gardening can do for you. After you finish it, you may want to rush out to a garden center and get started on your own garden and improved mental health.

(Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash)

A great explanation of why pluto is no longer a planet

Can be found here: Why Pluto is No Longer a Planet. When Pluto was drummed out of the rank of planets in the solar system, there was alot of sentimental complaining about this, including from yours truly. However, once you read that post, you realize that the only reason for including it *is* sentimentality, and not science.I highly recommend you read more about this: you’ll learn alot more about the solar system in the process.



Ecospace – smart, ecological, affordable architecture

I would love one of these spaces myself. Here’s hoping more architects come up with such designs.