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Obama and his “to go” approach to food

One of the comments made about President Obama during the 2008 campaign was that he ordered food at local restaurants, but instead of eating it there, he always had it to “to go”. The implication was that he didn’t actually eat it.

Case in point, this story: Obama stops at Hyde Park cafeteria – Chicago Breaking News. At this stop, the politicians ordered a number of things, including scrambled eggs to go. There are some foods that are perfectly fine to go, but scrambled eggs aren’t one of them. Indeed, breakfast as a whole is tough to take out: it gets cold fast and is hard to reheat.

Watch the next time Obama orders food from a local place: chances are it will be to go. That’s why he stays slim. 🙂

BlogTO on the best Donuts in Toronto


Donuts (doughnuts) get a bad rap. Yes, eating them all of the time is a bad thing, but that can be said for any pastry. From time to time, however, a good doughnut with your favourite beverage can be a great thing. Now that we’ve agreed on that :), you need to know where to go to get the best one this city has to offer. For that information, you need to go here: The Best Donuts in Toronto from BlogTo.

Just check out out those beauties (photo courtesy of BlogTo).

Back to theFuture: Art Deco travel posters + Star Wars

This is brilliant:

For 7 other great posters like this, go to Steve Thomas’s site and check out these Vintage Star Wars travel posters

(via The Daily What)

The ultimate Saturday Night Music: Billy Strayhorn plays “Take the A Train” with the Duke Ellington Orchestra

If I am judged good and I get to go to heaven, when I get there, Billy Strayhorn will be playing “Take the A Train” with the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Meanwhile, we have this:

Heaven on Earth.

Saturday Night Music: Atomic Tom, Live in NYC

This has gotten lots of coverage elsewhere, but it is still remarkable. And great music for a late night weekend night.

Not the Last Supper

But still good

When Social Media Gets Out of Control

Great parody here:

via The Daily What