How to prepare pig face, or the joy of butchery

Seriously. If you are fascinated by the preparation of food and especially meat like I am, you will be interested in the blog Road To…, which is

…something that chefs including (the author) could use and share techniques that are currently not in books or an interpretation of classic preparations.

For example, how often do you see how to prepare pig’s face?

The author gives a great step by step breakdown of how to prepare this and much more.

Let’s face it: if you saw this:

Especially if it was served with a sauce, you might not think twice about it. 🙂 But that’s what the pig’s face looks like served up.

It’s a great blog/site. Highly recommended for serious food people.


One response to “How to prepare pig face, or the joy of butchery

  1. Positively repulsive, AND, revulsive!!! THIS, makes haggis look downright, “refined”! lol!