Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

Robert Lepage’s Eonnagata

Sadly, for a brief two days, Robert LePage’s latest work, Eonnagata, had a very limited Toronto appearance. According to BlogTo.com:

Robert Lepage’s Eonnagata, which opened last night at the new Sony Centre For The Performing Arts, is a wonderful mishmash of dance, opera and theatre.

I am sorry I missed it. I used to see much of LePage’s work when he was less well known and his performances would roll through Toronto regularly.

If you get a chance to see Eonnagata or anything by him, I highly recommend you seize it.


The arrest of Rosa Parks

55 years ago, on December 1st, Rosa Parks sat here:

She was actually not in the area reserved for white people, but was asked to move back when the bus crowded with white people. You can read the rest of the story here and see more of the documentation:  An Act of Courage, The Arrest Records of Rosa Parks.