The Human Race 10K by Nike and me

Like many many other people, I participated in Nike’s Human Race 10K today. While Toronto isn’t one of the official cities on the list — for Canada, that city is Vancouver — there was still a well run event held at the Nike Lounge on 1219 Yonge Street today. I went down and got a free sports T shirt (not cotton), and I also got to borrow an iPod Nano with a chip to record my time. Bonus: they let me try a pair of Luna Trainers that I really liked: very neutral with tons of cushioning. Nice.

The route itself was a bit tough: the first half was a big steep run up Yonge St and then all the way up the beltline. But after that, it was all downhill through a morning filled with sunshine. And at the end, there was lots of food, drinks, and general festivities at the lounge.

It was a great event, even if my time of 53:42 over 10.6 km was not. 🙂 Kudos to Nike.

It goes on until 8 p.m. in Toronto at that location, so if you are interested, check it out. And check out the site here for more details:

The Human Race 10K – 8.31.2008 Join a million runners worldwide for a 10K like no other.

One response to “The Human Race 10K by Nike and me

  1. I was there too! I ran with the 1st wave at 830am – figured if I joined a later wave, it’d get too hot for me to run. 53:54 is a very respectable time – you’re definitely above the avg time for most of the host cities – so far anyway, they still tallying up the results. It’s really neat to see how we measure up against the whole world isn’t it? Some times are astonishing – amazing how fast some people get through 10K. I enjoyed the free shirt, food/drinks, DJ spinning his music, and the option of trying out the latest Nike gear – I took along a pair of Pegusus’s on my run – a great neutral shoe. An issue I had was the lack of route markers are specific points along the route – my running partner and I ended up making a wrong turn and ran 11.82km as opposed to 10km. Fortunately, the Nike site performs the necessary calculations and determined my 10K time based on my 11.82K run. I hope they added more route markers to the course for ppl who weren’t familiar with the area.
    In short, it was a fantastic event and I’m glad to have made it my first ever 10K event. Looking forward to the next Human Race!