Daily Archives: August 22, 2008

What’s it like to compete in diving in the Beijing Olympics?

No, I don’t know either, but if you check out this: The Diver’s View – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com, then you will get a better sense.

Thanks to kottke.org for this. Like he said, it’s awesome!


Quote of the Day

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

Newspapers and the Kindle

Speaking of the Kindle, you can get newspapers delivered to your Kindle wirelessly. Alot of newspapers as delivered this way. See Amazon.com: The Kindle Store for more details.

As for me, I am not sure everyone will want to pay for newspaper delivery when they can browse the sites for free. But there will likely be many readers who will want to read the paper in a way that is different than using a computer. Personally I am betting that eventually computer monitors will be as big as desks or drawing tables and then people will read those.

(We used to tip our delivery boy when I was a kid. I’m not sure if you have to tip your wireless router for delivering it. 🙂 )

The American Express “Black” Card: don’t leave your homes with it :)

Not just for everyone, the Black Card (actually the Centurion Card) is truly a card for the well off (like John McCain and many Hollywood celebs, too). Wikipedia has a run down on it. And of course, there is a blog on it too!

Design your own IKEA furniture!

Ok, not really. But this site: Deliver me from Swedish furniture has an interesting concept. For example, this is the Bjernny (type in “bernie” when you go to the site and you will see why.)

People who like IKEA will like the site. And those who are less than excited about IKEA will also like the site!