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One of the greatest disrupters is one never mentioned in that way

The word “disrupters” is very much in vogue (see here and much of what comes out of start ups from Silicon Valley). Although not spoken of in those terms, one of the great disrupters of the 20th century, Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of the AK-47, just died. Most disruption is a destructive action as well as a creative one. The AK-47 allowed more disruption to occur than almost any other technology in the last 100 years, and while it brought death, it also brought great change. I don’t support change brought on that way, but when people heap praise on disruption, ask them what they think of the AK-47. If they don’t have a good answer, they don’t have an opinion on disruption worth listening to.

Visualizing wartime

IBM has a tools called Many Eyes that allows people to create visualizations of day. This is related to my previous entry, but this time it’s Coalition fatalities in Iraq

Operation Enduring Freedom: Coalition Fatalities

The site Operation Enduring Freedom: Coalition Fatalities has an online database with death counts for foreign fighters in Afghanistan. Only the US and Britain (just) have more deaths than Canada.

It says casualties, but the count is deaths, not injuries.

New ways word can trip you up.

I think this is fascinating. A professor downloads some Word documents that were posted with changes still in them and his 8 year old son finds them for him.

See the story here: The views of Iraq you weren’t supposed to see | Salon News

Among other things, it is an illustration of how even a common software product like Word is too sophisticated for it’s users