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Touchgraph maps your social network

Touchgraph can do a very interesting visual representation of your social network ala Facebook. For example:

To try this yourself, go their web site TouchGraph | Products: Facebook Browser

Embed your Google My Maps into your blog or website

Google Maps Mania has a good article on it here: Embed your Google My Maps into your blog or website.

Here’s one I’ve done.

View Larger Map

Make your own Google Maps and share them

I like the new MyMaps feature of Google maps. You can create a new map and then grab the link to the page and share it with others. Smart and simple. Like Google.

Here’s my map (BLMtest), courtesy of Google.

The maps of our world that we live in

My friend Alina sent this very intriguing video, which manages to capture the interconnectiveness of the world. It ‘s related to DaDa, but without the irrationalism (perhaps).

Check out:

YouTube – Royksopp – “Remind Me”