Problems with HassleMe

I blogged about this site before: HassleMe

It’s a great idea, but I think they need to make it more timely. Until then, based on my experience, I would recommend others ways to be reminded to do things.

3 responses to “Problems with HassleMe

  1. Hello,

    Could you expand a little – what do you mean by “timely”?


  2. smartpeopleiknow

    Actually, I may have misread the site. When it says:
    remind me of something every 3 days, I read it as: remind me of something FOR 3 days.

    Let me try again.

  3. More accurately, it will take your requested reminder frequency – in this case 3 days – and then make that the average reminder frequency. So you might get reminded after 2 days, then 4 days, then 3 days, etc. Keeps you on your toes.