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More on good, cheap wine under $10 from the LCBO and other places

The globeandmail.com has been good enough to set up a searchable database of wine recommendations based on Beppi Crossariol’s wine columns found regularly in their paper. You can search the database in a number of ways, including wines under $10 (you will find around 20 bottles). Some of them are wines I mentioned earlier (like Corten from Moldova) but others are new to me (including some tetra pak ones, no less).

The other nice thing about this is that you can find the wine, and then go to the article. Beppi’s a good writer with good and varied taste: the articles are worth a read, too.

Check outThe Wine Butler


If by Kipling

You can find it here

How to be creative and other super ideas at gapingvoid

There are lots of great ideas and fantastic drawings over at gapingvoid. I really liked this section: how to be creative

Touchgraph maps your social network

Touchgraph can do a very interesting visual representation of your social network ala Facebook. For example:

To try this yourself, go their web site TouchGraph | Products: Facebook Browser

Commoncraft explains Web 2.0 very well

The good folks @ do a great job of presenting information on Web 2.0. They have presentations on RSS, wikis, blogs, social networking, and other topics. If you want a nice example of how to explain this information, go to their site:

Common Craft – In Plain English

P.S. Here is a YouTube version of one of their presentations.

The World is NOT flat

James Fallows over at the Atlantic.com reviews and recommends: “A Flat World, A Level Playing Field, a Small World After All, or None of the Above?” by Edward Leamer of UCLA. There is a link to the article, as well as a summation of it, as well as a critique of Friedman. Quote:

* When I asked Friedman on the show why he said on virtually every page of the book that the world was “flat,” when he knew very well all the reasons it wasn’t, he disarmingly said: In the columnist game, you don’t sell things 51-49. You decide what you think is right, and you push that all the way. So, he could have more accurately said that the world is “flattening,” but that wouldn’t have had the ooomph.

For more, see James Fallows (September 07, 2007) – Golden Oldies: the world is not flat