Daily Archives: September 11, 2007

Cook’s: for serious cooks and people who are serious about cooking

If you are serious about cooking, or want to know the definitive way to cook something, I highly recommend Cook’s Illustrated.
It’s a great magazine about cooking as opposed to a collection of recipes. You will get recipes, too, but you will discover a whole lot more about the process of transforming food.

Plus they have reviews of cooking tools, premade sauces, menus, and much more.



When I first saw that URL, I thought: what?! I am happy to say the site is not about hacking in charities. Instead, it is:

about proving that hackers have amazing skills that can transform charitable organizations.

So if you know of some budding hackers who want to save the world and come up with some worthwhile hacks, send them

For the Vegan and nonVegan alike

For vegans looking for some creative cooking ideas, check out VeganYumYum

And for those non-vegans who may have preconceived ideas of a vegan diet being bland, you really should check this out. Does this look bland? 🙂

Make the perfect cup of coffee (or tea) with MyCuppa

This is such a simple and smart idea: if you want to fix someone’s coffee for them, let them pick out the right colour on the mug before hand (“I prefer mine milky” for example). See Color + Design Blog / Color Inspiraton from Coffee and Tea by COLOURlovers
for this and a spectrum (pun intended) of colour ideas. 🙂