HuffPo on something very important: the resurgence of the backless dress

You may have been fooled into thinking the Huffington Post was just about hard news reporting and wonky policy debates. Or maybe that’s me. Anyway, it give me a chance to make you familiar with this article of theirs on the backless dress! Take it away, Katy Hall:

“The backless dress: a great way to showcase sexy curves, or in some cases, a rack of ribs. Also, it’s totally of the moment because Plum Sykes wrote about it in July’s Vogue! (“Wearing a backless dress is demanding. It requires the right back – neither too fleshy nor too bony.”) Check out these plunging backlines and tell us what you think.”

Now snarkiness aside, I think that’s true: not everyone can wear such a dress. For instance, I can’t. And I think a) this is the slow news season b) backless dresses are hot! 🙂 If you agree with b, then check out this article, series of photos, and heck, even a poll on who wears the dress best.

Halle Berry is one of the leading contenders in the poll — no surprise there — but Bai Ling certainly should win something for wearing the lowest cut of the backless dresses. For more, see Bareback Ladies: When Celebs Go Backless (PHOTOS, POLL)

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