Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

THIS would make a great guest bedroom bed

I mean, it’s comfortable and all, but no doubt after a few days, the guests will start having nightmares about being a Happy Meal and say their goodbyes. 🙂

the mogg blogg: Oh No You Didn’t!

Laleh Seddigh and other fascinating items about Iran from Andrew Sullivan

This is Laleh Seddigh. When you think of Iranian women, you likely think: race car drivers, yes? 🙂 No, I didn’t either. That’s why you should check out this blog post at The Daily Dish By Andrew Sullivan. He has the lowdown on Laleh Seddigh, for starters. Saying “she’s cool” is an understatement. And if you like that,  he also has a number of posts titled “Outing Iran” whereby he talks about aspects of Iran that get past our Western stereotypes of Iran and what it means to be an Iranian. Well worth reading.