Daily Archives: July 29, 2009

Chris Anderson in a nutshell

I liked this interview by Der Spiegel (via Salon.com) of Chris Anderson, author of “The Long Tail” and now “Free”, not to mention editor and chief of WiReD. The interview really provides a great summing up of some of the key ideas of the transition from old to new media. I may not agree with all of Anderson’s conclusions, but I enjoy how thought provoking they are and how he puts them.

It is an interesting interview: Anderson seems miffed at the start, but he rolls out alot of ideas in two short pages. See Who needs newspapers when you have Twitter? | Salon News for the interview.

Not your King James version of The Bible…but a Lego version

Seriously. For example, here is Job 2:1, 3:

One day Yahweh said to Satan, ‘Have you noticed Job? He holds fast to his perfect righteousness even though you persuaded me to destroy him for no reason.’

Or in illustrated form:

For this and more, see The Brick Testament.

Be warned: like the Bible, some of it is NSFW, especially the section The Law.

Clothes for Math Nerds….

…of which I am ..was?…one. If you are one, you want this on your chest? Why?

Because we math nerds know that while everyone knows Sine and Cosine, Tan(gent) is often the neglected one. You can help rectify that with this T shirt. 🙂

Snorg Tees has lots of great T shirts. Not just for math nerds. Go see.