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Simplify and organize your life in five easy steps – both physically and digitally.

I love this list, and likely everyone from 5 to 105 could go through this list and apply some if not all of it: 5 things to get rid of – Organizing Ideas – Organizing – Style At Home.

I want to reprint the list for a reason. The things you should toss out are:

1 Clothes that don’t fit.
2 Objects you don’t like even if they were gifts.
3 Outdated papers (newspapers, magazines, invitations to events, expired coupons and calendars).
4 Things that you have more than one of. How many do you really need?
5 Broken items that are too expensive to fix.

First off, try applying this list. In an hour, you can easily clear out alot of physical clutter. If you donate it or give it away, you’ll be benefitting yourself and someone else.

Now I reproduced the list to show that you can do the same thing with digital clutter too. By adopting the list, you can also use it to get rid of:

1 Software you don’t use, especially obsolete software.
2 Hardware you don’t use. (Ditch that 8 MB USB key, and recycle that old cell phone)
3 Outdated folders of information. (Presentations, Word documents, spreadsheets, anything a few years old that is not vital or essential)
4 Things that you have more than one of. (How many of those iPhone/iPod touch applications do you need or use?)
5 Broken items that are too expensive to fix. (e.g., any old laptop with a defective motherboard).

Now you have alot less clutter in real life and digitally, thanks to Style and Home and yours truly. 🙂

P.S. Check out the Style at Home site. They have lots of great advice on organizing and much much more. Plus, the people I know who work there are great!

Night Passage Music from the School of Seven Bells – “Half Asleep”


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