Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

My good experiences with Canadian Public Service

Over the past year, I have had to get a new passport, a new driver’s licence, and mail a parcel.  In each case I have had to deal with public servants. And in each case, I have had the expectation that the service would be slow and disorganized. What I have found instead is the opposite, with each office being highly organized and fast. The driver’s license took about 10 minutes, with most of that me filling out a form. The passport took less than 30 minutes. For the parcel, I arrived at the post office just before 8 a.m., and at 8, the employee opened the door and dispatched my parcel in a few minutes.

Just now I phoned about getting a new Ontario health card. It took a few minutes to get someone to speak to, but when they did talk to me, they were informed, polite, provided me with everything I needed to know, and then booked an appointment at the office at a time of my choosing so that I can be in and out in a few minutes.

There are many public servants in Ontario as well as Ottawa. I am sure you can find a few bad ones, just like you can at any organization. However, despite expecting the opposite, most of the public servants I have been working with lately have been great to work with. 

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