How to get people to read your blog

It’s simple, really. Provide how to advice. If you know how to do something, blog about how to do it and write about it in a way that is clear and informative. People are often searching for how to do things. If you write about it, they will come to your site.

Of the many things I write about, the posts concerning how to do things tend to get more visits than others.

2 responses to “How to get people to read your blog

  1. Good tip.

    I made an ‘entry guide to Linux’ blog post a few days back and happened to mention Sun Virtual Machine in passing. It got picked up by their blog feed bots and suddenly my blog was getting hits left,right and centre because they’d linked back from their ‘newest blogs talking about us’ page. Yay!

    I think product reviews with name-dropping and linkbacks is also a good way to go for getting your blog up in the search results.

  2. Very compact, clear and true tips. But I still hope can help people to drive into my blog. Don’t we blogger need some proactive action??

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